Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park Ideas Design Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 10 Temmuz 2007
Teslim Tarihi: 23 Temmuz 2007
Web Sitesi: www.tsghj.gov.cn

Tangshan city is located at the east part of China and it is the neighboring city to Beijing and Tianjin. The city is bordering on Bohai Sea and it is convenient in transportation by land, sea and railway. The city has an area of 13472 square kilometers with a coastal line of 178.5 kilometers. The geography of the city is the hilly land about 300-500 meters above the sea level from northwest and goes slow down to the middle plain of about 50 meters, then to the lower plain and cost of 1.5-10 meters in the south and west, from which one third is hilly land and two thirds is plain.

Tangshan city was firstly developed since the establishment of Kailuan Coal Mine, it is a city with over one hundred years of history in heavy industry. The modern coal shaft, standard-track railway, locomotive, cement and toilet ceramics in China were all firstly manufactured in Tangshan. Caused by the coal mine excavation, about 100 square kilometers land is sinking within the city range, from which an area of 28 square kilometers of sinking land is in the scope of hundred-year-old Tangshan Coal Mine located in Nanhu district in south part of the city. The environment of this land became worse due to the water pollution and garbage disposal. From 1996, the local government started to treat the area for a sustainable environment, by planting trees and grass in Nanhu district of 130 hectares (among which 37.2 hectares are water surface), now this district is built as Nanhu Park with clear water and green trees. By doing this, Tangshan government was awarded Human Environment Award of Hebei Province, the Example Award of Human Environment of China in 2000 and 2003, Dubai International Award for Improving the Human Environment. The Chinese Ministry of Construction named Nanhu district as Nanhu National Wet Land Park in Tangshan.

On 28 July 1976, a severe earthquake measuring 7.8 Richter scale was happened in Tangshan and 240,000 lives lost. It is one of the 10 severe natural disasters in the 20th century. Almost all buildings had damaged and clasped and caused a direct pecuniary lost of 3 billion Chinese Yuan. After the earthquake, Tangshan has taken the task of city reconstruction for about 10 years, 10 years for renascence and another 10 years for the fast economic development. Nanhu district has rich natural resources and many clues of the city’s history, it is the most important context for building a new urban space for the city. In 2005, an international competition is launched on Urban Design for Nanhu district, Latz + Partner Landschaftsarchi Tekten Planner from Germany won the first prize. The aims of the competition for Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park in Nanhu District of Tangshan city are to upgrade the landscape and provide a place to the citizens for memorial activities.

The existing earthquake ruin in Nanhu District was the cast workshop of Tangshan Rolling Stock Plant. This ruin is to be preserved for the visitors. The cast workshop is a 3-bay single story building of 9,072 square meters built in 1959. The length of east bay is 150m, width 18m, height 15.61m; the middle bay length 162m, width 18m, height 20.22m; the west bay length 144m, width 24m, height 12.45m. The workshop structure elements were prefabricated and assembled on site with brick walls and the foundation is sand clay.

Competition date
The competition starts from 10 May 2007 and closes on 23 July 2007.

Purpose of the Competition
Respect to the nature, love lives, study science and recall the historical memories. Background Information: participants can download the background information of existing site map and the scope of ideas design, satellites map of the site, master plan of Tangshan city 2003-2020, DV of the site, photos of the existing site and the urban design of Nanhu district from the webpage: www.tsghj.gov.cn for reference.

This competition is open to all architects, planners, artists, sculptors, school students and those who are interested in the competition from all parts of the world. Entrants will be able to participate individually or in groups, there is no limit to the number of team members.

No registration fee is required. The registration application is made via the webpage www.tsghj.gov.cn and each entry will have a registration number. Please type the registration number at the upper right corner of each entry paper.

Judging standards
The entry should comply with the competition rules. And the proposals are with creative concepts and the design is realizable.

Jury and the results
The jury consists of 7 professionals, the jury members will be announced in organizer’s webpage. The jury will select 20 entries into a short list at the first round, then the jury members vote anonymously for the prize winners. The Jury’s citations to the winning proposals will be published with the list of winners at the webpage by the end of August 2007.

Prizes and future development of the project
1 First prize: 20.000 US dollars with a certificate.
3 Second prizes: 6.000 US dollars each with a certificate.
6 Third prizes: 3.000 US dollars each with a certificate.
10 Special Mentions: rewarded with a certificate, no prize.
Personal income tax will be paid by the prize winners.
The first prize winner will be entrusted for the future development of the project.

10 May 2007 Announcement of the competition news
10 July 2007 Final date for registration and receiving questions
23 July 2007 Final date for receiving the entry
Late August 2007 Jury meeting
End of August 2007 Publication of the result of the competition

The official languages of this competition are Chinese and/or English. The entry documents can be submitted in Chinese or English.
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