Market Value Competition

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Over the past 15 years, downtown Charlottesville, Virginia has experienced an ongoing renaissance. New businesses, restaurants, theaters and residences abound in renovated buildings and new developments alike. However, two full city blocks lie underutilized just one block south of Charlottesville''s renowned pedestrian mall. This site, currently used for parking, hosts the popular Charlottesville City Market on spring and summer weekends and is widely regarded as the most important "underdeveloped" site in the city.

Responding to a public call to craft a vision for the future of the site, the City of Charlottesville is sponsoring Market Value, a design ideas competition that will help Charlottesville proactively investigate and establish the best alternatives for development. Directed by the City of Charlottesville in partnership with the Charlottesville Community Design Center and AIA Central Virginia, Market Value is seeking realistic, innovative models for mixed - use development - ones that not only yield financial returns for a future developer of the site, but also provide a "return on investment" to the public good by attending to issues of civic space, connectivity, affordable housing and green building.

Entry Fee
100 Dolars / 50 Dolars for students

25.000 Dolars Total

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