Urban Bat House Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 03 Eylül 2007
Teslim Tarihi: 10 Eylül 2007
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Yarışma Sonuçları

The Overall Winner:

- Jorgen Tandberg and Yo Murata

Catagory A Winners

- First Prize: Andrew Brown, Gareth Jones & James Falconer
- Joint Runner-Up: Jochen Rabe (Arup) with Stefan White (Manchester School of Architecture) and Mike Wells (Biodiversity by Design)
- Joint Runner-Up: Mitchell Taylor Workshop and Buro Happold

Category B Winners
- First Prize of Category B and overall winning entry: Mr Jorgen Tandberg & Ms. Yo Murata
- Second Prize: Tilman Ruben Winter
- Third Prize: Alexander Bartscher & Elisabeth Deutschmann

Category C Winners
- First Prize: Miss Inderjit Mehroke
- Second Prize: Alexander Craig-Thompson
- Third Prize: Matthew BurnsYarışma BilgileriEntrants are asked to design a purpose-built structure that will provide the maximum diversity of specialised features to attract roosting, breeding and hibernating bats, and the possibility for visitors to engage with the bats and learn more about them. It should incorporate existing knowledge of relevant bat species'' roosting requirements, but also be innovative by suggesting new ways this might be interpreted.

Your proposal should include two elements: the bat house itself (incorporating a range of accommodation spaces), and a display element for visitors to learn more about the bats. Above all, it should be an inspirational piece, exemplary in its aesthetic and environmental aspirations. It should also be credible in terms of buildability, practical in use, offer potential for replication and address broader sustainability issues.

Entry Fee
Registration fees per entry (non-refundable):
Category A - Professional £35
Category B - Student/Non-Prof. £7.50
Category C - Schoolchildren Free (schools/classes may submit up to 10
entries together to reduce postage costs - please tick the ‘School Group Entry’
box on the registration form.)

Eligibility & Prizes
The competition is open to professionals and the wider public, in distinct categories:

Category A - Architects and Design Professionals (multidisciplinary teams welcome)

First Prize: 3.000 Euros 
Second Prize: 1.000 Euros 
Third Prize: 500 Euros 

Category B - Students / General Public
First Prize: 1.000 Euros 
Second Prize: 500 Euros 
Third Prize: 250 Euros 

Category C - Schoolchildren (aged 17 or under at 10th September 2007)*
First Prize: 500 Euros 
Second Prize: 250 Euros 
Third Prize: 100 Euros 
[*these prizes will be awarded to the school of the winning entrant]

Key Dates
Brief available: 10 May 2007
Question deadline: 15 June 2007
Replies to questions: 25 June 2007 
Registration Deadline: 03 September 2007
Submission deadline: 10 September 2007 
Selection of Winners: 26 September 2007 
Announcement of Winners: 11 October 2007

Jury Panel
Entries will be judged in a single - stage process by a Jury Panel comprised of:
Jeremy Deller - Artist and initiator of the Bat House Project
Rowan Moore - Director, the Architecture Foundation
Amanda Levete - Director, Future Systems
Mike Waite - GLA Senior Policy Adviser (Biodiversity) and trustee of the London Bat Group
Carol Williams - Bats & Built Environment Officer, Bat Conservation Trust
Kevin Peberdy - Director of Centre Developments, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Pascale Scheurer - Director, Surface to Air Architects (Jury Chair and RIBA Adviser)

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