Leaf 2008

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 11 - 14 Eylül 2008
Yer: Dublin, İrlanda
Web Sitesi: www.designbuild-network...
The construction industry has long been regarded as the backbone of the Irish economy. In the last financial year alone, the industry contributed 35,5 Euros billion to the Irish economy, which equated to 24% of the economy’s GNP.

With the Irish government’s commitment to deliver timely and cost-effective essential infrastructure, international solutions are now in high demand. The combination of direct foreign investment and the attractive EU subsidies available in Ireland is currently seen as the key to maintaining this strong growth in Ireland.

Consequently, LEAF 2008 is the perfect platform to bring together leading international architectural practices operating in Europe and beyond to share knowledge, network and develop new partnerships.

LEAF 2008 will essentially provide you with the perfect opportunity to engage in private one-to-one business meetings with senior-level decision makers, learn from keynote speakers and network with peers and colleagues from across the architectural spectrum.

LEAF 2008 will examine the key challenges facing the industry, from sustainability to building for the future, and will provide the perfect backdrop for debate, discussion and networking. LEAF 2008 will enable architects looking for new ideas and inspiration to meet with established and emerging suppliers.

Specifying delegates represent leading architectural practices at a senior executive level should attend the event. Usually operating on an international basis, delegates are responsible for a multitude of pioneering projects around the world. Each delegate is carefully selected to ensure they recommend, authorise and specify for these major international projects.

Supplier organisations attending LEAF Dublin 2008 are able to offer a diverse range of solutions to the design and build sector. The complete design and build process is represented, including CAD, structural elements such as concrete, wood and steel, HVAC, glass, cladding and exterior facades, as well as interior design, including lighting, furniture and internal spatial planning.

Aims of The Event
Architects and their suppliers are under constant pressure to deliver inspirational, innovative and practical design solutions to keep pace with this constantly changing sector.

With this in mind, Leaf Dublin 2008 is designed to keep everyone involved in the construction sector up to date with all the latest developments in the industry. Leaf stimulates direct communication among the architectural community, allowing a free flow of ideas and information between major architects and suppliers in areas such as business development, build techniques, product development and testing.

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