The Great Carbon Crunch

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 16 Ekim 2008
Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Saati: 09:00 - 17:00
Yer: Kings Place, Londra - İngiltere
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An inefficient building stock, congested roads, zero carbon houses and Energy Performance Certificates… The demands on the construction industry to deliver a significant reduction in carbon are considerable. To start, we must come to some conclusions about what does work and what doesn’t.

Designed to bring our whole of industry together to share knowledge and collaborate, The Great Carbon Crunch will discuss solutions to:

- A less congested tranport network
- Reducing carbon in our existing building stock
- Retrofitting renewable technologies in urban environments
- Green CSR and managing risk in the zero carbon age
- Designing for better use of resources

Climate change - we’re in this together. But there is a real gap emerging within our industry between those who are responding to climate change and those who aren’t. As seen with the Code for Sustainable Homes while some members of industry claim the targets set out are unachievable, others believe they are not challenging enough. In addition, not everyone agrees that climate change policies in their current form will actually work. We believe there is room for debate. Learn how to initiate practical, low carbon strategies relevant to your business.

Whether your principle concern is better transport, building fabric renovation, renewable technology, or sustainable design, this one-day summit will provide you with an unparralleled opportunity to collaborate with industry peers across the engineering, architecture and construction disciplines.

This year we are splitting the event into conference streams which focus on the following:

Transport and Infrastructure: solving a congested transport network, connecting Eco-Towns through sustainable transport means.

Buildings (Façade Improvement and Microgeneration): renovating our existing housing stock for sustainability, renovating high rise commercial buildings to cut CO2 by 50%, retrofitting micorgeneration in dense urban environments.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Marks & Spencer''s presents on how they are greening their business (USP What business model/approach do you need to take?), Bovis Lend Lease details how they are greening their supply chain.

Designing for Better Uses of Resources: Water Efficiency, changing the way people interract with the built environment

Innovative Materials: We run through the issues that matter: embodied carbon, life cycle impacts, how energy efficient in practice?

Onsite Renewables: Where does what work best? What about whole-life cost and return on investment?

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