Sustainable City and Creativity

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 24 - 26 Eylül 2008
Yer: Universita degli Studi di Napoli, Napoli - İtalya
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We are pleased to inform you that the International Meeting on "Sustainable City and Creativity: Promoting Creative Urban Initiatives" will be held in Naples on 24 - 26 September 2008.

The aim of the Meeting is to analyze in depth principles and practices of the creative city for the formulation of policy lessons and recommendations able to contribute to the building of a creative city.

In particular, the attention will be focused on the following issues:
- What is a creative city; how the creative city actually works, which are the key features and the critical elements conditioning creativity; how ideas turn into urban innovations, the drivers stimulating a city to innovate, the barriers and the constraints
- Which are the benefits of the creative city in terms of competitiveness, environment, welfare, social stability, quality of life, vitality
- Which are the key assets, infrastructures and tools required to promote creative processes in cities towards competitive, sustainable and cohesive places, and how public policy can influence the creative city.

The Scientific Committee - composed by Sir Peter Hall, Tuzin Baycan Levent, Roberto Camagni, Giuliana Di Fiore, Francesco Forte, Klaus Kunzmann, John Rees, Peter Nijkamp, Pierluigi Sacco, Roger Stough, Luigi Fusco Girard - has been involved in order to identify the Meeting themes/contents. The papers to be presented and then published in a proceeding volume will be selected.

The Conference will involve representatives from Universities, Research Centers, international and national public Institutions, business sector and civil society.

The Meeting will open with a Round Table. There will be three Plenary Sessions and two Parallel Sessions. A Poster Session is expected too. A final document will be presented as conference outcome, to be sent to government institutions, city networks and research institutions.

If you have any interest in exchanging research results, experiences, best practices about the role of creativity in promoting urban city sustainable development please consider to submit an abstract (30 - 60 lines in English) for attending the Meeting, specifying the title, your name and institutional affiliation and the interested Session. The number of Sessions to be activated will be defined according to the selected papers.

The papers should present theoretical approach (full research paper with innovative results) and/or practical experiences with ex post evaluation and lessons learned and/or preliminary ideas with work in progress.

Conference Timeline
24 September 2008:
First day of conference
26 September 2008: Last day of conference 

10 April 2008
: Go Live (as a Current Conference)
31 December 2010: Move to Conference Archive

11 April 2008:
Author registration opened
30 June 2008: Author registration and submissions closed June 30, 2008
11 April 2008: Call for Papers posted, Submissions accepted 

Website Posting
31 July 2008:
Accepted abstracts
03 September 2008: Accepted papers
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