Missions in Architecture 4 - Laboratory Talk: Mosques, Migration and Myth

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 25 Eylül 2008
Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Saati: 19:00
Yer: Aedes Am Pfefferberg, Berlin - Almanya
Adres: Aedes am Pfefferberg, Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin
E-posta: [email protected]
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A laboratory-talk on Euro-Islamic architecture curated by Martien de Vletter, Publisher SUN-Architecture, Amsterdam, with:

- Paul Böhm (Architect, Architecture Office Paul Böhm, Cologne)
- Wilfried van Winden (Architect, Molenaar & Van Winden Architects, Delft)
- Hüsnü Yeğenoğlu (Architect, TUE Studio, Amsterdam)
- Martien de Vletter (Publisher, SUN-Architecture, Amsterdam)

Moderation: Dr. Christian Welzbacher (Art Historian and Author of "Euro-Islamic Architecture", 2008)

Welcome: Kristin Feireiss, Aedes Berlin and Ferdinand Dorsman (Counsellor for Press and Culture, The Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin)

The forth laboratory-talk will explore the questions of identity, migration, religion and parallel societies by discussing the constructions of mosques in Europe: If architecture is communication in the broadest sense, what do mosques communicate to the general public? To what extent does architecture contribute to identity? Is architecture a segregative or integrative factor to society? Does architecture foster the creation of parallel societies or does it promote international understanding? What, on the other hand, innovative impulse could it deliver? What is the future of Euro-Islamic architecture?

Together with her conversational partners from the Netherlands and Germany, Martien de Vletter will discuss the issues of conservatism, dogma and religion and deconstruct the “Islamic phobia”. Martien de Vletter will analyse the cultural, social and ideological dimensions of architecture and urban planning and its impact on people: Can architecture encourage any dialogue or does she concrete a one-way street?

The laboratory-talks will be held in German/English. Registration is necessary ([email protected]).


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