Responsibilities and Opportunities in Architectural Conservation: Theory, Education, and Practice

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Yer: Petra University, Amman - Ürdün
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Architecture and heritage are intertwined through conservation. Architecture is a container of heritage in the sense that anything related to history and culture had occurred in space and in a place, the raison d’être of architecture. A guiding hand in human endeavors, heritage is a record of cultural precedents in any society, and as such, it is a foundation for growth and advancement in any human discipline, profession, or industry. Past poetry and poets in a country, established glass manufacturing and its developers in a region, and old houses of a style line and their designers in a city all add to the body of heritage in their respective settings. These accomplishments are credited to the culture of the place -a city, province, country, or the world- through time and are referenced by the spatial environments that contained or witnessed them, being a building, an urban district, a designed landscape, or an interior space. This is to say: a) that such accomplishments represent conspicuous events, pattern of occurrences, general trends, consummate persons, and societal ingenuity that coalesce to make the weave of the culture of the place through time; and b) that such spatial environments are important, first and foremost, by the virtue of being associated with the cultural phenomena.

Conference Theme and Research Tracks
For the architectural community to engage meaningfully in heritage conservation, responsibilities and opportunities revolving around this activity need to be recalled, analyzed, and articulated. The conference addresses the responsibilities and opportunities theme through main program, the subject of this announcement; and through a special program, the subject of a separate announcement for the conference on Digital Media and its Applications in Cultural Heritage (See website: The main program has the four research tracks below. We invite architectural practitioners, educators, and researchers and their counterparts in the environmental design fields to develop a paper in any of the topics listed under the theme tracks.

The Heritage Idea and the Conservation Response
- Heritage values as applied to the built environment
- Authenticity and accuracy in restoration and reconstruction
- Conservation as a protective response
- Established and emerging types of cultural resources
- Significance assessment of architectural cultural resources
- Architectural character as a framework for maintaining integrity of historic buildings
- Conservation principles out of conservation philosophies
- Intervention or treatment types
- Conservation standards and guidelines
- Historic preservation versus archaeological conservation
- Conservation in allied disciplines (landscape architecture, city planning, interior design, art)
- International thoughts and doctrines in conservation
- Research trends in the field of cultural heritage

Conservation in the Design Realm
- Heritage messages and their expression in architectural design forms
- Conservation principles, standards, and guidelines in architectural practice
- Adaptive re-use design process
- Additions to historic buildings
- Design on archaeological sites
- Construction documents for rehabilitation and restoration projects 
- Cases and comparisons

Conservation Context and Geography
- Jurisdictional context of conservation and ensuing politics
- Conservation legislation, laws, and public policy
- The economic and financial faces of conservation
- Authority and decision-making in discharging conservation service 
- Conservation, the environment, and sustainability
- International comparisons and collaboration
- Heritage sites and tourism
- Cultural tourism and the sustainable management of heritage sites
- Attending to heritage across the Mediterranean

Conservation Education, Information, and Technologies
- Heritage conservation education, training, and professional enhancement
- The place of heritage and conservation in architecture, design, and engineering curricula
- Historic site presentation and public education
- Approaches for the identification and documentation of historic buildings and environments
- Survey techniques in archaeology
- The word, the drawing, and the image media in service of heritage and conservation 
- Data acquisition and recording techniques associated with buildings and cultural districts
- Low-cost systems for documentation and monitoring of cultural heritage
- New materials and technologies for conservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage

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