Façade Design 2008

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 16 Ekim 2008
Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Saati: 08:30 - 17:00
Yer: America Square Conference Centre, Londra - İngiltere
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Deciding which façade system and materials to use can be challenging. This one-day conference aims to refine your understanding of the latest innovations in the market, to make you find out about managing costs and improving energy efficiency on your façade project. It also includes detailed case studies on the technicalities of designing a façade for different building types.

With growing demands from clients for cost-effective façades and increased government legislation on energy efficiency, architects need to balance many requirements when designing a building façade:

- Develop technical expertise in façade systems and materials
- Improve energy performance in your building envelope
- Network with fellow practitioners and discuss their experience with facades
- Discover how the building core can determine façade aesthetic
- Hear in-depth case studies on leading of façades in residential, office and mixed use developments

Registration and refreshments
09:20: Opening address from the Chair (Chris Macey, Chair, Society of Façade Engineering)

Overview: What determines how a façade looks and performs
- Environmental - light, air and acoustics
- Context - how does the location of a building influence the façade?
- Cost and deliverability - how do you manage to get the right solution that works with the budget and programme?
- How can manufacturers work alongside designers to deliver a high value solution?
(Glenn Howells, Director, Glenn Howells Architects)

Managing costs
- Estimating and understanding the costs for different façades
- Using materials to achieve cost effective designs
- Procurement - sourcing materials from abroad: what are the risks?
- On Site - what are the costs of a pre-fabricated façade compared to one that is built on site?
(David Blackburn, Faithful+Gould - Barry Smith, Atkins)

Question and answer session
10:40: Morning refreshments

Improving the energy performance of the building envelope
- The role façades play in meeting and going beyond Part L requirements
- Evaluating the changing relationship between energy efficiency and glass façades
-  Realistic examples of façade performance with the building regulations
- Are double skin façades a cost-effective solution to improving the energy performance of a building?
(Giorgio Buffoni, Senior Façades Engineer, ARUP)

Making the choice of appropriate façade
- Maintenance and durability of different facade systems
- Exploring variations in visual impact
- Understanding modern construction techniques
(Brent Tyrrell, Business Development Manager Lakesmere)

Question and answer session
12:30: Lunch

Case study: residential challenges
- What are the issues when designing façades on residential developments?
- Illustrating how different façades can be fixed to one standard core, making a development more aesthetically pleasing
- Addressing the challenges posed by different housing types
- Understanding the requirements of different types of clients
(Paul Mitchell, Associate Stock Woolstencroft)

Latest developments in façade materials
- Examining the new and exisiting products on the market and how they are used in an innovative way
- How materials can be applied to create a ‘wow’ factor?
- Exploring future developments in façade materials
Will Stevens, Director of Façades - Neesha Gopal, Associate Director, Ramboll Whitbybird)

Question and answer session
14:50: Afternoon refreshments

Case study: Gresse Street - an exploration of custom façades for mid-sized projects
- Why choose a bespoke approach?
- Exploring the design drivers
- Procuring the façade
- Delivering the end product
(James Miles, Project Architect Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands)

Case study: Tooley Street Terrace, Plot 10 More London - making the most of mixed-use
- Strategies to meet the challenges of mixed-use buildings, including: Disguising different floor heights, Connecting disparate spaces and volumes, Building a relationship between existing and proposed buildings
- The challenge of creating a single identity for a group of existing buildings
- Examining how a modular system works in mixed use developments
- Understanding building regulations and their impact on mixed-use developments
(David Bickle, Director, Hawkins Brown)

Question and answer session
16:40: Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
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