International Conference on Organic Agriculture in Scope of Environmental Problems

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 03 - 07 Şubat 2010
Yer: Gazimağusa, KKTC
Adres: EMCC Institute Turkey Office
European Mediterranean Conferences & Conventions
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Beylerbeyi, Üskudar -  Istanbul

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International Conference on Organic Agriculture in Scope of Environmental Problems will be organized between 03 - 07 February 2010 on the island of Cyprus under the auspices of local authorities.

Non-governmental organizations from various European countries are going to participate in the conference as supporters and a large scale of academic people will gather in order to discuss new trends and advances in today''s organic agriculture applications and their effects on other environmental sciences.

Invitation and Call for Papers

Colleagues, researchers, experts, scholars and authors on agriculture and environmental sciences, professionals and non-governmental organization leaders are invited to participate.

Why do we need organic agriculture? Only for the quality and healthiness of our food? Or also for the sake of our environment and for saving our old planet? For how many more generations can we continue conventional and industrial agriculture applications? But how will the world population depend on the limited productivity of organic agriculture applications? What if we fail to manage the projects of organic agriculture and animal breeding all over the globe? How are we going to deal with the high costs and other economic risks of organic production? Which institutions will continue supporting and promoting organic products? Which clientele will continuously prefer to consume organic products? Which countries will prefer to apply ecological methods? What are their uses and disadvantages?

We can add many more questions on to the ones above? But where and when shall we start to discuss all these and declare our solutions? Why not this year? Why not on the beautiful island of Cyprus where agriculture has always been a part of the culture?

Organic Agriculture is not only a new trend in production and consumption, but it is a necessity that every agriculture oriented country must eventually begin to consider today or in a very near future.

We are bringing together a large number of experts and audience for the conference.

- Concept of Organic Agriculture, Definition and Principles
- Organic Agriculture: Worldwide and local
- Organic Production
Plant and animal production
Biointensive production
Soil amendments and organic preparations
- Marketing of Organic Products
- Transportation and distribution of organic food
- Packaging and processing of organic products
- Non-food products
- Cooperations, Unions and Other Organisations About Organic Agriculture
- Environmental Effects and Sustainability of Organic Agriculture
- Climate change and organic agriculture
- Environmental policies related to Organic Agriculture
- Eco Tourism
- Ecological Architecture
- Information, Awareness raising campaigns,
- Research Opportunities and priorities
- Best practices in organic farming for environmental protection
- Biodiversity
- Life cycle assessment, nutrient and energy balances

An abstract of each poster and paper must be submitted to the conference until 15 July 2009. Our board of referees will evaluate the abstracts and will declare their acceptance status on 15 August 2009.

Please follow the direction on the relevant link of the conference website for rules and guidelines of abstract submission

Other presentation formats:

- Roundtable talks
- Panels
- Satellite Symposiums
- Workshops

Please send an inquiry with a brief description of your project and we will evaluate it for acceptance.

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 July 2009
Declaration of accepted abstracts: 15 August 2009
Submission of full papers: 31 October 2009
Deadline for early registration: 30 September 2009
Deadline for late registration: 31 October 2009

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