"Architectural Solutions" Chicago 2010

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 15 - 17 Nisan 2010
Yer: Şikago
Web Sitesi: www.chicagoarchitecture...

Few career paths inherently aspire to advance the conditions of populated environments like those idealized in architecturally-related professions. In celebration of Architecture Week 2010, product leaders, design professionals, and academics will gather next Spring in Chicago - a global leader in architectural excellence and innovation - for the 1st annual Global Convention and Exposition on Architecture. Sponsored by Chicago Architecture Today LLC, this gathering presents a unparalleled opportunity to experience the latest technologies, learn about professional organizations, market your qualifications to corporate firms and even compete on a world stage. What better venue to convene on architecture than in the world class city of Chicago? Join us April 15-17, 2010 for what promises to be the architectural event of the season!
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