1 Architect - 1 Building

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 19 Mayıs 2010
Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Saati: 19:00
Yer: Pavillon de l''Arsenal
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Commission, constraints, construction, clients, regulations... the considerations of a professional architect.

Guest architects tell the story of one of their projects through a complete chronology - from commission to construction, to occupation by the user.

The aim of this lecture series is to give people a better understanding of the architectural profession: the difficulties faced, the links established with clients and stake-holders and the architects thoughts on commissions and regulations as they vary from country to country.

Each lecture gives the public an inside view of the architect''s work, discovered through the unfolding of a particular construction project.

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