UCI The Saudi Investor Window 2010

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 8 - 9 Aralık 2010
Yer: Riyad - InterContinental Hotel, King Faisal Conferenca Hall
Telefon: +44(0)2089988890
E-posta: [email protected]
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UCI International, IIFEF and Saudi Research & Marketing Company (Motamarat) have joined forces to create and manage The Saudi Investor Window 2010 which will take place in 8 - 9 December 2010 and will be the crucial event for matching Saudi and Global investment with international high calibre projects. This will be an opportunity to reach out to the most senior level Saudi and Global investors through presentations, discussion and face to face meetings.

Event objective: The Saudi Investor Window is a unique event which, through a carefully thought out combination of presentations, discussions and one-to-one meetings, facilitates collaboration between Saudi and global investors, and delegates who can work together to discuss potential partnerships, investment, joint ventures and the important transfer of know-how.

So whether you are: an investor looking to expand your business outside your country; have a multi-million dollar project that needs funding; have a vested interest in securing projects/services contracts or you are seeking to transfer your ‘know - how'' to Saudia Arabia and the Gulf, then The Saudi Investor Window 2010 is the place for you!

UCI uses its extensive experience in creating international business-facilitation events to design a programme that has the potential to produce a significant amount of closed deals between well-matched parties.


• Sovereign wealth funds
• Senior government representatives
• Royal and family offices
• Pension funds
• Asset managers and mutual funds
• Insurance companies
• Ultra high net-worth individuals
• Foundations
• Unit trusts
• Investment Banks
• Private investors

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