Financial Times Investing in Innovative Design & Technology Summit

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At the FT Summit - Investing in Innovative Design & Technology - you will hear from world-leading companies and visionaries whose innovative approaches are already driving positive change. Their inspirational ideas prove that design and technology is the cornerstone of our future - and that creativity and good business sense can go hand in hand.

Confirmed speakers include:
Sir Terence Conran, Designer
David de Rothschild, Founder & CEO, Adventure Ecology
Rick Fedrizzi, President & CEO, United States Green Building Council
Alan Knight, OBE, Independent Sustainability Adviser, Virgin Group
Hugo Spowers, Partner, Riversimple
Yves Béhar, Founder, fuseproject

Key themes for discussion:

Identifying innovations for a new world economy: How can new designs and technologies challenge people to rethink the way they live today? And what is the role of innovation in redesigning the world of tomorrow?

Realising your vision: How do you bring your innovation to market? What tools do you need to turn creativity into commercial, and social, success? And where is the investment and business support available to realise your vision?

Worldwide innovation: Niche technologies and small-scale innovations alone cannot drive fundamental change. Products and ideas need mass-market appeal if they are to reshape the way we live. So how do you strike the right chord with the millions of consumers who can really make a difference?

The power of partnership:
Everyone has a role to play in driving positive economic change. Collaboration is the key. Innovators, designers, investors and developers have the power to bring world-changing concepts to life. But how do you find these partners and how does collaboration work?

Listen to the people: Six billion consumers can be your greatest ambassadors. The most successful innovations often come from the very people for whom they are designed. Successful businesses are learning how to listen and are making the consumer integral to the design process. How do you go about this?

Looking ahead: The future is in our hands. Design and technology has the power to reshape the world for the better - but only if it is grounded in business and reflects the consumer''s need. What is being done to marry the priorities and visions of different groups the world over and how can you get involved in this exciting new economy?

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