iPhone: Gute Form - bad design?

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 3 - 4 Aralık 2010
Yer: Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
Adres: Gropiusallee 38 D 06846 Dessau Almanya
Telefon: +49 0340 6508 40
E-posta: [email protected]
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The iPhone is bought for its good design ("Gute Form") and easy handling, both of which distinguish the Apple design from other brand devices. To mark the anniversary of the resignation in 1930 of the second Bauhaus director, Hannes Meyer, who criticised Gropius''s "good designs" and even then called for the formulation of an "ecological design", the symposium discusses Apple''s updating of post-war German design. The fetishised iPhone is, moreover, a crude product of an exploitation of global wage differences that fails to leave a progressive ecological footprint in Asia. Lectures, films and panel discussions argue the significance of this obvious discrepancy between good design in consumption terms and the poor design of the manifestly non-sustainable production of electronic devices.

Friday, 3.12.2010
18.00-22.00 Good design - the aesthetic promise

Philipp Oswalt, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Opening

Gerda Breuer, University of Wuppertal Werkbund, Good design etc.

Marcela Quijano, curator Ulm Ulm School of Design and Good Design

Miya Yoshida, curator Berlin Art and everyday culture of mobile phones

Saturday, 4.12.2010
10.30-13.00 Bad design - making the invisible visible

Annie Leonard, environmental critic Film: "The Story of Electronics"

Sarah Bormann, WEED Berlin Working conditions in electronics production

Evelyn Hagenah, Federal Environment Agency Dessau Sustainable products in the materials cycle

Claudia Sprinz, Greenpeace Vienna Consumer behaviour in the climate crisis

14.30-16.30 Discussion

Olaf Arndt, Artist and Curator Berlin

Freddie Geier, Software-Agency Würzburg (tbc)

Joachim Krausse, Anhalt University Dessau

Tim Pritlove, independent radio producer Berlin

Florian Rötzer, Telepolis München

Free entrance, German-English simultaneous.

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