3rd Annual Urban Waterfronts

Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 28 - 29 Kasım 2010
Yer: Katar - Doha
Telefon: +603 2723 6745
E-posta: [email protected]
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Rapid building and expansion of large urban waterfront projects in the Middle East region has caught the imagination of the world. The unprecedented scale and magnitude of waterfront developments being planned and built is giving rise to an economic boom in the region. These iconic projects have opened up doors for cross border investments thus giving rise to development of high value real estate and vibrant communities. Along with these developments, need has arisen to take care of marine ecosystems and protecting our physical shorelines. It is imperative that these developments meet and comply with the region''s regulatory standards so that real estate value of these projects are enhanced and maintained.

Marcus Evans 3rd Annual Urban Waterfront conference is designed to meet the needs of the delegates who are involved in creating these waterfront projects right from the inception to the completion stage. The delegates will be able to revolutionise the management of their waterfront projects, engaging on bold, new and rewarding ideas. This regional conference aims to be highly interactive, informative and at the same time will provide unmatched networking opportunity among the industry leaders and practitioners.

Streams of conference:

Stream 1 Integrated Planning, Design & Development

Stream 2 Foreign Direct Investment

Stream 3 Sustainable Waterfronts

Stream 4 Coastal Development & Construction Challenges

Stream 5 Financing & Investment Opportunities

Stream 6 Environmental Management

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