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RE: Vision Creativity Workshop
25 - 27 Temmuz  2004, Portland - Oregon

Tarih: 25 - Temmuz 2004
Yer: Portland - Oregon

RE: is a two-day, hands-on workshop led by renowned imagemaker and designer Julius Friedman. and workshop coordinators Jean Bevier, Chris Klonowski and Jody Zamirowski. As designers, photographers and visual artists of all kinds, we work with a constant stream of images-selecting them and creating them for almost every project.

You'll be able to take back to your institution not only the images you create during the workshop, but the ability to look at your campus differently, in order to create images for your daily work.

Workshop attendees will:

• Learn innovative ways to refresh images that you use daily.
• Be able to reflect and share the information learned when they return to their own campuses.
• Explore Portland, OR, and respond to the environment around them.
• Record images using their 35mm camera.
• Rediscover how to create essential images for their work.
• Be revitalized after this two-day workshop.
• Be refreshed after "Design Therapy."

Cost: $398 USD; $25 USD for non-participating companion.
Contact: [email protected]




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