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Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class
10 - 24 Temmuz 2004, Riversdale & Sydney Üniversitesi Mimarlık Fakültesi - Avusturalya

The Architecture Foundation Australia, a non-profit cultural association, will hold the fifth edition of the “Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class” in the summer of 2005. The two-week course will be led by Pritzker Prize winner Glenn Murcutt along with the help of Peter Stuchbury, Lindsay Johnston and Richard Leplastrier, who worked with Jørn Utzon on the design of the Sydney Opera House. Further information and application forms available at 

Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class
Architecture Foundation Australia 
E-mail: [email protected] 

+ The Architecture Foundation Australia will hold the fifth Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class in Australia 10-24 July 2005. The event will be a two-week residential program with one week held at ‘Riversdale’, the Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre on the Shoalhaven River south of Sydney, and the second week will be held in the School of Architecture at the University of Sydney. The program will be similar to the 2004, details of which are available on this web site. Applications are invited and first round offers will be made before Christmas 2004. An 'Application Form' is available on this web site under ‘Register’, which may be submitted on-line or copied and e-mailed to [email protected]

+ A fourth superb and memorable Glenn Murcutt Master Class was held in Australia 11 - 25 July 2004 and was fully subscribed with 32 participants from Bangladesh, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, India, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Vietnam, UK, USA and Australia.

+ Glenn Murcutt is Australia’s best known architect. He was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize for 2002 (the ‘Nobel’ Prize of Architecture), is a Visiting Professor at Yale and his other awards include the Gold Medal of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, the Alvar Aalto Medal (Finland), 2001 Thomas Jefferson Medal (USA), the ‘Green Pin’ International Award for Architecture and Ecology (Denmark) and the 2001 Asia Pacific Culture and Architecture Design Award.

+ Other tutors on the Master Class include seminal Australian architect and educator Richard Leplastrier, internationally published and award winning architect Peter Stutchbury and former Dean of Architecture at the University of Newcastle, Lindsay Johnston. Richard Leplastrier was 2004 recipient of the ‘Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award’ in Finland and an invited tutor on the 2003 Utzon Summer School in Denmark – he worked with Jørn Utzon at the time of the Sydney Opera House. Peter Stutchbury was recipient of the two top 2004 Royal Australian Institute of Architects National Architecture Awards for Public Buildings and Private Residences – the first architect to receive both awards in the one year – and has also lectured and been published internationally.

+ The Master Class is a two week residential program. One week will be held at the ‘Riversdale’ Education Centre, the magnificent rural retreat south of Sydney - the award winning building designed by Glenn Murcutt (with Wendy Lewin and Reg Lark) in 1999 and described by Thomas J. Pritzker as a ‘Masterwork’. The other week will be held at a venue yet to be determined.

+ Glenn personally leads the Master Class, stays at ‘Riversdale’ with the participants and tutors all groups.

+ The program for the 2004 event included excursions with Glenn Murcutt to Kangaroo Valley to see the Fletcher-Page House, an excursion to the Blue Mountains to see the Simpson-Lee House and a Sydney Houses Excursion which included visits to some very special houses by Richard Leplastrier and Peter Stutchbury. Similar excursions are planned for the 2005 event. Details are yet to be finalised and are dependent on client consent to get access to these properties.

+ The 2004 program also included an excursion to Newcastle to visit buildings on the University of Newcastle campus, including early buildings by Glenn Murcutt and award winning buildings by Peter Stutchbury and Richard Leplastrier.

+ The intensive two-week design studio program involves a design project undertaken in groups and culminating, at the end of week two, with a design presentation by participants and a critique by Glenn Murcutt and the other tutors. The studio program, associated lectures and supporting events equate to 150 hours high-level study at Masters level. The spirit of the event is that participation is the focus and there is no formal assessment. A certificate of satisfactory completion will be issued to all participants completing the program. Universities internationally have, over the four years since its inception, accepted this event as gaining credit towards their programs.

+ The Master Class is open to practising architects (older and younger!!), academics, postgraduates and senior architecture students. There are only 30 places available for 2005 and applications will be assessed on credentials and merit. There has been a lot of interest in the Master Class and there is a waiting list from interested applicants. An ‘Application Form’ is now available for submission on-line under ‘Register’ on this web site.

"The future lies with our younger architects and with our understanding of the conservation and the ecology of our planet .... I think that the landscape is really the appropriate common thing to all of us .... I am talking about the conservation of materials, the conservation of land, the keeping of old growth forests, the understanding of how we might be able to find a sustainable building."
Glenn Murcutt, May 1990 Freemann, P. and Vulker, J. (Eds.) The Australian Dwelling, Canberra, RAIA, 1991, p.47

"First it must be architecture, second it must work with the issues of energy consumption and responsibility to the planet .... I've been working for 35 years on harnessing the planet's gifts for homo sapiens - the wind, sun, shade, perfumes of plants, water, prospect, geology, flora, fauna, water table, drainage patterns, topography/contour, oh! it goes on ...."
Glenn Murcutt, October 2000 unpublished note on 'Green Architecture'

+ COST. The total cost for the 2005 Master Class including tuition fees, twin share accommodation, internal transport within Australia and most meals (except 5 free evenings) will be held at the same level as 2004 at AUS$ 6,985 (Approximately US$4,900; EUR4,000; UK2,750)

In order to support participation from poorer nations, two 50% scholarships will be offered to applicants from “developing countries” with a low GDP per capita. To apply for these scholarships, please submit an official application form and include in the ‘Statement’ on the application form that you wish to be considered for a scholarship.

An 'Application Form' is available on this web site under ‘Register’, which may be submitted on-line or copied and e-mailed to [email protected]

All the relevant information is on this web site – there are no brochures or printed materials available. For clarification - please e-mail [email protected] 

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