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ELDA + Light Focus '05
14 -15 Nisan 2005, Milano Fuar Merkezi, Milano - İtalya

"Let's talk about… Light" is the theme of 2005 ELDA+ Light Focus, a series of seminars organized during and together with Euroluce, where lighting design professionals will be defining, explaining, addressing and celebrating quality lighting solutions and lighting design approaches in a total of 14 papers from 10.00am to 6.00pm on 14 and 15 April 2005.

The papers will not only include exemplary lighting design projects, but will focus on specific themes related to lighting design in exterior and interior spaces, and the key role that well designed lighting plays in the overall success of a project.

There will be four major themes: Urban Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Lighting for Work and Leisure, and Inspiration Factor Daylight. The speakers will be professional lighting designers, architects, and others professionally involved with lighting.

Programme (updated to 4th February 2005)

Lighting for work and leisure
We need lighting during our waking hours. The importance of good lighting in the workspace is gaining in significance. At the same time, thanks to research, the lighting designer's knowledge of the effect of light on the human being is also growing. The papers in this section will look at how light can change people's lives and attitudes at work and in recreational and leisure facilities, such as hotels and sports facilities (14 April).

Commercial Lighting
Shopping is becoming a leisure activity for many in the civilised world, a way of life even. The way we light our shopping centres and stores enhances our shopping experience. The papers will present excellent examples of commercial and retail lighting, address colour and dynamic light in the retail environment and look at new trends (14 April).

Urban Lighting
The papers will look at new trends in urban lighting design, discussing the role and risk of colour, the co-existence of light art and lighting design and the economic repercussions of good urban lighting schemes (15 April).

Inspiration for daylight
The way a lighting designer works with electric light relies heavily on his experience of daylight. This section of the conference will look at cultural differences in regard to daylight and how important natural light is for human beings and our built environment. (15 April).

Conference languages: English and Italian.

Participation costs
Registration before 18 March
One day ticket: € 75,00 - Two Days ticket: € 130,00

Registration after 18 March
One day ticket: € 110,00 - Two days ticket: € 190,00

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