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Canberra Biennial: City of Architecture and Design 2005
Ekim - Aralık  2005, Avustralya

Tarih: Ekim - Aralık 2005
Yer: Avustralya

Australia’s National Capital is a unique entity in many ways: it is one of the few cities in the world whose design is based on the early twentieth century’s ideas of utopia; it represents the main aspects of Australian cultural infrastructure; and it has access to international resources through foreign embassies and high commissions. The city of Canberra is indeed a volatile site for national and international events celebrating contemporary architecture and design.

Canberra is proposed to host an international festival of design and architecture:

The Canberra Biennial: City of Architecture and Design, to be launched in October 2005.

The Canberra Biennial aims:
• to create an exciting and popular program encompassing a variety of issues including contemporary concern for design and architecture;
• to celebrate the contribution to living by architecture and design from around the world in ways that can be enjoyed by the widest possible audience;
• to present Canberra the locale of advanced contemporary ideas of design and architecture;
• to promote cultural and economic awareness of the importance of design and architecture.

The Canberra Biennial would become a complementary contribution to the nation’s existing annual/biennial cultural festivals.

The Canberra Biennial will provide a unique opportunity to combine cultural and educational programs with long-term strategies concerning social, physical and economic developments of the city.

Staging events throughout the city and promoting design competitions with the aim of contributing to the enhancement of the city’s historic design infrastructure, are the kinds of programs that will draw on the existing national infrastructure, ensuring widespread national and local participation in the festival.

The program will create new partnerships for Canberra with international architecture and design centres. The Canberra Biennial will focus attention on the vitality of the urban design of Canberra and other Australian cities.

Core exhibitions will be held in selected cultural institutions. Other institutions will be encouraged to mount satellite exhibitions related to the theme of each Biennial.


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