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Tools of the Imagination
5 Mart - 10 Ekim 2005, National Building Museum , Washington- Amerika

Tarih: 5 Mart - 10 Ekim  2005
Yer: National Building Museum , Washington - Amerika

Tools of the Imagination will explore the tools architects use to design our world. Tools of the Imagination will show how various devices have revolutionized the very way in which architects and designers imagine and create architecture. Visitors to the exhibition will experience 250 years of design tools and technologies — from historic pencils, ink, and drafting equipment to the latest and most sophisticated software and hardware, simulations, models, and lasers — as well as a wide array of drawings, renderings, and sketches from well known architects.

The exhibition will first look at the European tools and techniques that were employed to design America’s structures in the 18th century. The development of mass-produced tracing paper and linen and ink techniques provided a significant leap forward in the 19th century, when architects and engineers designed using wooden pencils, triangles, and T-squares. In the 20th and 21st centuries, architecture and design were transformed through advances in photo reproduction, the copy machine, drawings made on Mylar® with wax for pencils, and new computer-aided design software, specialized keyboards, and sophisticated personal computers. With new capacities for high-speed calculation and three-dimensional simulation, engineers and architects can test limits of their creativity and their engineering confidence with increasing accuracy, making structures more efficient, lighter, and taller.

Made possible by the generous support of Autodesk, Inc., Bentley Systems, Incorporated, McGraw-Hill Construction, Business Software Alliance, Microsoft, Inc., Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, and Norbert W. Young, Jr.



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