UIA Summer School Amsterdam 2004
22 - 27 Haziran 2004, Science Park - Amsterdam

Tarih: 22 - 28 Ağustos 2004
Yer: Science Park - Amsterdam

The BNA (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects), as a member of the board of the UIA (Union Internationale des Architectes) Region I (Western Europe) and the Berlage Institute will work together in organising a master class for young Western-European architects, to take place in the period of 22-28 August 2004. This master class will focus on a limited number of talented designers (maximum 32) aged 35 and under, to be nominated by the professional association (UIA members and Europan) and will be selected, on the basis of submitted portfolios, by a committee chaired by Kees Christiaanse.

Applications from UK architects should be sent to the RIBA, who will then put names forward to the organisers for a final selection. Applicants must submit a portfolio to the RIBA by 15 April. Those selected to take part will be required to pay a fee to the organisers. For more details, contact Sally Welbourn (tel 020 7307 3667, e-mail: [email protected]). You can also find full details on the international pages of the RIBA's website (

The UIA is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and international co-operation for architects worldwide. In the European Region 1 (Western Europe) architects will meet from the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Switzerland. The board of Region 1 has asked the BNA to organise a workshop/summer school where young professionals can work together. The BNA will carry out this plan in co-operation with the Berlage Institute, which has a well-developed professional network and has experience in organising international workshops. The parties involved will dedicate themselves whole-heartedly to this ambitious project. In principle, if successful, the format of this workshop would be suitable for repetition.

Berlage Institute
The Berlage Institute operates an international postgraduate programme in the field of architecture and urbanism. Participants are all qualified designers (architects, urbanists and landscape architects) of international origin. The institute's profile has a clear emphasis on being a 'laboratory of progressive design research.'

The task consists of developing and testing different typologies of building within the urban plan Science Park in the Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam. The Science Park will be the large, new expansion of the University of Amsterdam and the Dutch Institute for Scientific Research. Highly-qualified enterprises associated with scientific research will make the Science Park into an important centre for knowledge industries. Furthermore, dwellings facilities, a hotel and a railway station are planned for the area.

The development of the Science Park will consist not of single buildings placed as objects within the field, but rather will form a hybrid of public and semi-public interiors, surrounded by buildings. To realise such an ambition there is a need for inspiring studies into building types breaking new grounds. A large communal model will be built for the master class, in which the different building studies can be researched in relationship to one another. The studies will be documented and used as reference material for future building tasks in the area.

The core purpose of the master class is to work, under the guidance of experts, towards the solution of real design problems; the results will be published. It is an inspiring exercise, in which a critical analysis of the phrasing of the question and teamwork will be central. Participants will become familiar with the Dutch situation, will come into contact with Dutch colleagues, will hone their skills through the experts they meet, and will mutually build on their knowledge, skills and professional network. Publication of the work shop results will not only form a concrete contribution to the current discussion, but will also be an important impetus for participation.

Candidates are invited to apply to their national UIA Sections by submitting the following documents:

CV stating education and employment history and date of birth (max 2 A4's)
Portfolio of 3 x A3 or 6 x A4 (max) printed pages
Statement (max 1 x A4) describing the motivation for applying to the master class

The UIA Sections will nominate a number of participants to the Berlage Institute. The Berlage Institute and the BNA, in consultation with Prof Christiaanse, will make the final selection. Europan will also be invited to select candidates. Fair participation by candidates from all Region I sections will be sought, according to the following division:
Malta: 1, Luxembourg: 1, Ireland: 1
Belgium: 2, Portugal: 2, Netherlands: 2, Switzerland: 2,
Nordic Section: 3,
Italy: 4, UK: 4, Germany: 4, Spain: 4, France: 4.

15 April 2004 for receiving the applications at the national UIA Sections (ie RIBA in the case of UK applications)

15 May 2005: candidates will be informed of the results of the final section and given further details about the master class.

UK Submissions:
should be sent to the International Relations Co-ordinator, RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD by 15 April 2004.

Participation fee will be E 800 (excl 19% VAT) per participant selected. The fee will be transferred to the Berlage Institute's bank account. Participants will pay for their own travel and living costs. The Berlage Institute will assist in finding affordable accommodation.

The master class will be directed by the supervisors of the Science Park: Kees Christiaanse, architect/urbanist and professor at the ETH in Z&Mac245;rich, and Bart Brands, landscape architect and designer of public spaces. Furthermore, a designer from the office of KCAP, a designer from the office of Karres & Brands and an assistant from the ETH Z&Mac245;rich will be involved in the supervision. In addition, local experts and representatives from the university of Amsterdam and the municipality/district will be involved in the master class.

For the lectures, renowned Dutch architects will be invited who have, through their work, been involved in similar projects. The participants will work in 5 to 7 sub-groups, with the aim of optimising production and interaction within the group.

For the final presentation (jury) invitations will go to:
Astrid Sanson (director of housing at the UvA), Arjen van Rijn (NOW), Hetty Vlug (assistant director Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Amsterdam), Herman Hertzberger, Rudy Uytenhaak and Roberto Meijer.

Coordination and logistics by Françoise Vos.
Moderator will be Vedran mimica (assistant dean Berlage Institute)
Participants from the BNA: Rob Budding and Betsy Visser.

The programme of the master class will be as follows:

Sunday 22 August registration of participants
Monday 23 August visit to location
introduction of the programme
introduction of task(s) by guest tutors
Tuesday 24 August workshop under guidance of guest tutors
evening lecture
Wednesday 25 August workshop
afternoon excursion (Amsterdam)
Thursday 26 August workshop
Friday 27 August final presentations (public/press/media)

Saturday 28 August post-conference tour (optional; payment required)

© Berlage Institute
The rights to publication of (the results of) projects, including sketches, drawings, texts, photographs, audio-visual material, computer files etc, which have been produced in the master class, are and will remain with the Berlage Institute. The Berlage Institute can attach certain conditions to permission to publication of results.

Net results of the exploitation of publications will be divided amongst partners in relation to their financial input to the project.

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