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Cityscape 2005
17 - 19 Eylül 2005, Dubai Uluslararası Kongre Merkezi, Dubai

“Cityscape 2005” conference is going to be held on 17 - 20 September 2005 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre.

Cityscape 2005 is the region’s only integrated property investment and development event attracting the world’s significant investors, lenders, owners and developers together with world-class architects and designers.

The three-day exhibition and conference will  attract investors, property developers, architects and designers among others. Cityscape 2005 Exhibition and Conference will be a platform to further enhance and support the vision for residential and commercial property growth internationally.

Key issues addressed by this year’s conference are:

- Where is the real estate market heading? What are the short and long-term trends affecting the industry?
- How has the real estate market performed globally over the last 12 months and how was the performance in the GCC?
- How can sustainable property markets be developed and can current values being placed on property in the Middle East be sustained in the long run?
- Where do investors see their priorities today and where is the ‘big money’ going? How can you stand out in the crowded commercial property investment landscape?
- What are the investment hotspots in Asia, Central Eastern Europe and Russia? - Will India become the next big real estate growth area?
- What laws and procedures still need to be implemented in order to keep pace with the property boom?
- How can cities be repositioned in the global marketplace in order to attract new sources of investment?

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