46th IFLA World Congress Student Competition

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This competition is sponsored by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and directed by the Brazilian Society of Landscape Architects Organization Committee (ABAP): Lucia Costa, Maria Cecilia Barbieri Gorski, Raul Pereira and Saide Kahtouni, as the Local Competition Director)

The objective of the competition is to recognize superior environmental design achievements made by students in Landscape Architecture programs. The 2009 46th IFLA World Congress in Brazil aims to encourage achievement of the highest standards in landscape architecture education worldwide. The competition invites submissions from teams of students in Landscape Architecture programs or allied disciplines.

The theme that the competition entries must respond to is Green infrastructure: landscape, infrastructure and people for tomorrow.

This competition challenges students of landscape architecture to explore the IFLA World Congress theme of sustainability in landscape through new visions for the future. We invite participants to select a site that challenges the concept of sustainability and to develop designs which investigate, interrogate, challenge and propose sustainable options to the site conditions. The design proposals should also reveal something about the social, cultural, economic and/or political conditions related to the site''s context, and that convey them through technologies, approaches and esthetics.

Some examples of specific topics that might be explored through the submissions include:

- Brownfield recovery
- Urban water bodies
- Storm water management
- Alternative sewage treatment
- Climate change and landscape design
- Informal urban neighborhood improvements

Site and Scale
Participants are invited to select their own local site and to determine the scale of the project context.

The following prizes are offered through this competition:

First Place Group Han Prize for Landscape Architecture: 3.500 US Dollars, plus a certificate. Provided by Group Han.

Second Place IFLA Zvi Miller Prize: 2.500 US Dollars, plus a certificate. Provided by IFLA.

Third Place Merit Award, 1.000 US Dollars plus a certificate. Provided by ABAP.

In addition, winning teams shall receive:

- International recognition through announcements and IFLA publicity
- Web and possibly print publication of the competition submission
- Assistance for travel to the IFLA Congress (to be confirmed)

The Competition is open to all students of landscape architecture, or allied discipline (where a country or university does not include a formal Landscape Architecture program). Both individual and group submissions will be accepted, and each student or group is permitted only one entry.

Broad interdisciplinary submissions are welcome, however, the project must be about landscape architecture.

The number of members in each participating group shall not exceed five (5).

Professional collaborators and associates of the members of the jury and their relatives up to the third degree may not enter the competition.

Submission Requirements
As entries are received, serial numbers will be assigned, and entries shall be referred to by number to ensure anonymity during the pre-selection and the judging.

Submissions must adhere to the following or they will be disqualified:

Entries must take the form of four (4) board PDF files which printed at 100% size will each one be 90cm x 45cm, final size together: 90cm x 180cm, such as the schema.

These PDFs may be sent by one of these two ways:

1. As submittals to a web-based drop box linked to the 46º IFLA World Congress website. The four board PDFs shall not identify names, faculty sponsors, or schools or teams. Please enclose a fifth PDF file consisting of the Declaration of Eligibility. (consult the model at the end).

2. As a CD-Rom containing the four board PDF´s and also with a separate PDF file with completed Declaration of Eligibility. Please also label the CD only with your competition serial number received at inscription act by internet.

The PDFs must be labeled to indicate the numerical order in which they are to be seen if mounted, obeying this schema:

The PDFs must include all project information including text, which shall be in English (as the official working language of IFLA). Text shall be minimal, but provide a clear and concise description of the intentions of the project, special issues and considerations, approach and methods, and concepts.

Printed submissions or three-dimensional submissions (models) are not permitted.

Legends, captions and all other text associated with the submission shall be in English. Local names and specific local terms may be included in the local language, however entrants should ensure that all material is understandable by an English-speaking jury.

Graphics / Images
Entry teams should ensure that all image and file sizes are appropriate for the following:

- Powerpoint presentation for preliminary judging (limited to 4Mb total size, if sent by internet; if sent by CD by post, please keep file sizes small).
- Printing as full sized posters for final judging.
- Publication in web-based and print media if selected as a winning submission.

It is up to the entry teams to ensure that images and final files are the proper size and resolution.

Entrants should ensure that all images, photographs and other material are properly credited, if from another source.

Competition Rules
Submissions and mailed CDs received after the deadline date will not be admitted regardless of their postmark date. All postage and delivery charges are the responsibility of the entrants.

Any submissions that do not conform to the submission requirements, or that do not include an eligibility declaration shall be disqualified.

All entrants are absolutely forbidden to have their submissions (or any part thereof) published in any way prior to October 23th 2009, the first day of the 46th IFLA World Congress.

The IFLA Regional Committee retains the right of duplication and publication of any or all materials submitted to the Competition and there shall be no obligation whatsoever to the entrants, beyond acknowledging the authorship of the works exhibited or published.

The winner of the Group Han Prize for Landscape Architecture, the Zvi Miller Prize, and the Merit Award shall be announced by the IFLA President upon recommendation of the international jury. Prizes will be presented at a ceremony at the Congress.

The jury shall preside over the competition, and all decisions of the jury are final. All disputes related to the competition that cannot be referred either to the work of

The jury or to the attribution of prizes shall be settled through arbitration by the 46 th IFLA World Congress Executive Committee, who shall appoint an arbitration panel.

Entrants are forbidden from requesting any information from members of the jury.

The panel of judges will consist of three to five members from IFLA and the local organizing committee, or their appointees, and will conform to the protocols of the IFLA Student Design Competition.

Competition Schedule
All entries must reach the 46º IFLA World Congress Competition Director at the following address by final date, 18 August 2009.

Pre-selection of top 20-25 entries: 18 September, 2009
Final judging and pre-selected works exhibition: 25 September, 2009, at São Paulo
Competition final exhibition and presentation of the prizes: 21/23 October. 2009 - Rio de Janeiro

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