SESAM2009 Competition: Evolution of Trash

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 01 Şubat 2009
E-posta: [email protected]
Web Sitesi: www.sesam2009.it/
In order to participate to the SESAM, each candidate must participate to a contest of ideas: Concerning the reuse of garbage. We have chosen this theme because it expresses one of the modern meanings of the word "evolution".

The current difficult relationship between man and nature forces us to think about another meaning for garbage. Therefore the competition''s purpose is to investigate other uses for the life of used objects. We invite you to discover the possibility to reuse these objects and materials: Boxes and cardboard, bottles, cans, egg packing, newspapers (use the next page as a reference).

One of the most important features of these designs shall be its ease of construction. SESAM asks you to design one of the following objects: chair, table, box, bed, signs supports. We will evaluate the best designed and most creative products in order to build and use them during SESAM 2009 by the whole assembly.

Submission Deadline: 01 February 2009

Designing Criteria
The SESAM will reward designs according to the following criteria (in order):

1. Feasibility ( it is mandatory to think that each product has to be built by no specialized personnel, in short time and with reasonable resources )
2. Communication ( the project has to be understood -in order to be built- in absence of its designer )
3. Comfort (the project is intended to be built up and used by people )
4. Overall quality ( any more detailed thought of the object will be awarded )
5. Life cycle (we will award projects which will take into account what to do with these objects after the SESAM )

Presentation Criteria
The communication of the proposal is up to you: choose the best tool to let us understand your idea (videos, renders, drawings, photos...everything else).

The commission will reward projects which will communicate the best.

In addition, we ask you to produce one or two A3s ( to be printed, format .pdf ). It is mandatory to resume in these papers:

1. Name, Surname, Nationality
2. type of object (concept / title - If needed)
3. materials (quantities and life cycle)
4. photos/renders/sketches

It is mandatory to communicate as well:
1. how to use the product
2. how to build up the product choose the best way to do so.

Additional ideas are welcome, just remember that the purpose of the competition is to get objects which can be realised. You shall send the requested materials to [email protected], before February the 1st.

Every file has to be named in the following way:
Nationality (initials)_CandidatName_Support(paper/video..., with numbering)
EXAMPLE: IT_TottiFrancesco_Paper01.pdf

Please ZIP together what you want to send us, in order to receive only one less than 5 MB e-mail (If you have any problem with this size or for any further information, send a mail to [email protected]).

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