Northwich Vision Cultural Centre Open Design Competition

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"The Salt Market", DLA ArchitectureYarışma BilgileriA competition to design Northwich''s new Cultural Centre is now open for submissions.

The Centre will be located on the waterfront in the Baron''s Quay area of the town centre and will provide a focus for community activity, providing a range of activities including galleries, performance, dance, restaurant, and tourist information.

The competition has been organised by the RIBA Competitions Office on behalf of the Northwich Regeneration Partnership, and hopes to attract some of the country''s leading architects.

The competition promoters have aspirations for a design of the highest architectural quality that will help them deliver a coherent vision for the new building. Entrants will be expected to make the most of the attractive riverside setting. Invitation

The Northwich Regeneration Partnership is inviting submissions for a two stage open design competition for the design of a new Cultural Centre to be located at Baron''s Quay, Northwich.

The competition is organised with the support of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Competitions Office.

The competition is open to architect-led multi-disciplinary design teams and will take the form of a two stage process organised as follows :

Stage 1: Submission of concept designs which will be assessed anonymously

Stage 2: A shortlist will be chosen and invited to stage 2. Stage 2 will involve further exploration of stage 1 design ideas. Anonymity will be lifted and shortlisted teams will be invited to attend an interview and make a presentation to the Jury Panel.

The main aim of the Northwich Regeneration Partnership is to secure the preparation of an innovative and inspiring building design for the proposed Cultural Centre at Baron''s Quay site in Northwich. The design is expected to deliver a coherent vision for the new building as well as demonstrate how cutting edge and innovative design can support and promote the regeneration of a place and its surrounding environments.

Competition Format
Submissions are invited from suitably qualified architect led multi-disciplinary design teams. The competition will follow the format of a two-stage Open Design Competition. The anonymous first stage seeks ideas and designs for the new cultural centre. Up to four schemes will then be shortlisted by a Jury Panel to go through to the second stage. At stage two anonymity will be lifted and further briefing instructions and feedback from stage one will be issued.

Teams will be invited to refine their proposals to taken on board the stage one feedback. Final judging will include teams presenting their designs and their ideas to the Jury Panel at an interview. Short-listed designers or design teams proceeding to the second stage will each receive an honorarium payment of 6.000 Euro + VAT.

Assessment Criteria
Submitted designs will be assessed against the following criteria:

Stage 1
- Innovation and creativity;
- Quality of the design including quality of spaces, use of materials and response to the site and the surrounding built and natural environment;
- Compliance with the brief;
- Sustainability of the proposals and ability to meet future issues around climate change;
- How successfully the design meets the challenges of the sites and integrates with the town; and
- Cost effectiveness and buildability.

Stage 2
- Ability to enthuse and engage the selection jury in the design at interview;
- Clarity of the proposal and communication of ideas and design concepts;
- Public response to the design proposals;
- Interpretation of the brief and delivery of inventive solutions to the functional requirements of the building and its exterior;
- Response to feed back at stage one and any further briefing instructions set by the Jury Panel.
- Ability to deliver the project within the indicative budget;
- Ability to resource and manage the design, procurement and construction process;
- Ability to engage with and work with the client team; and
- The capability of the team to take the project forward and through to completion.

The timetable for the competition (which may be subject to change) is as follows:

Competition announcement: 5th December 2008
Brief available: 15th December 2008
Question deadline: 22nd December 2008
Response to questions: 5th January 2009
Submission of designs: 10th February 2009
Stage 1 Assessment: 16th February 2009
Shortlist notified / stage 2 instructions: 23rd February
Stage 2 Submission: 12th March
Public consultation: 16th March
Final assessment/interview: 23rd March
Winner notified: 23rd March onwards

Jury Panel
- Councillor Arthur Wood
- Councillor Herbert Manley
- Andy Evans, Head of Economic and Regeneration Services
- Richard Tracey, North West Development Agency
- Elliott Lewis Ward, English Partnerships
- Mike Cooksley, Chair of Visit Cheshire and Chester
- David McCall, OMI Architects, RIBA Architectural Adviser
- Keith Williams, Keith Williams Architects, Architectural Adviser.

Questions: Questions relating to the competition brief and conditions should be submitted in writing to the RIBA Competitions Office to arrive before 22nd December 2008. Responses to questions will be posted on this website during the 5th January 2009.

You may only submit an entry to the competition if you are officially registered through the RIBA Competitions Office.

Competitors should complete the Registration Form and send it along with their remittance for £35.00 to the RIBA Competitions Office.
Upon receipt of the above competitors will be issued with an official Declaration Form. The completed Declaration Form should be placed in a sealed envelope marked ‘declaration of authorship'' and included in the package containing the submission. Only submissions accompanied by this form will be considered.

The registration fee is £35.00 and can be paid by cheque to the RIBA Competitions Office. Cheques should be made payable to ‘RIBA Competitions Office''. For alternative methods contact the RIBA Competitions Office.

The deadline for registrations is 02nd February 2009, 17:00.

Anyone requiring the OS plan (Appendix 2) in dwg format should complete and return (to the RIBA Competitions Office) the OS License Form available upon request from [email protected]

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