Caring for Older People International Student Design Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 02 Mart 2009
Teslim Tarihi: 06 Mart 2009
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Yarışma SonuçlarıFirst Prize: Jeremy Whall & Li shung Yeung, Birmingham School of Architecture
Second Prize: Christopher Wilkins & Rachel Witham, Cardiff University
Third Prize: Marta Gonzalez Ruiz, Madrid University

Highly Commended
Lynsey Duncan & Sally Porritt, Leeds Metropolitan University
Thomas Fitzgerald, Edinburgh College of Art
Johan Zetterholm & Jonas Tjäder, Chalmers Technical University, Sweden

Yarışma BilgileriAs people grow old they become less independent due to physical, physiological and mental changes which create disabilities. There is of course no set sequence or programme for this, but as life expectancy increases, dependency of older people on others increases.

Most of us would wish to spend our old age in familiar surroundings and therefore remain living in our own home, but dependency levels will, possibly at some stage, render this impractical.

For some time, therefore, residential homes have expected to provide accommodation for older people who cannot manage at home or with family or friends, and now, due to the general re-structuring of the NHS, private care homes provide residential accommodation but also much more care and support for the more frail and disabled.

The objective of this competition is therefore to seek ideas from you as to how you think the care home of the future may look. There are no restrictions, for instance, your submission may consider the larger design issues or maybe the smaller ones, or all of them. It is impossible to rate their individual importance as success is achieved in how they are integrated together.

In the initial briefing document, we raised some relevant issues and here we will pose some others, but these are intended to stimulate your imagine, not to represent a questionnaire. We all have some level of interaction with older people and together with our own likes and dislikes can therefore begin to imagine how design could benefit them, given their various stages of physical, physiological and mental decline.

There are, of course, also many references available to you but how far you involve yourself with this is for you to decide.


The competition is open to all architectural students worldwide.

How to Register and Enter the Competition
To register, please download and complete the registration form and return to the RIBA Competitions Office to receive your unique entry number. This number should then be printed clearly on your submission boards and accompanying A4 design statement.

Please note that the deadline for registration is Monday 02 March 2009.

Any questions which competitors wish to ask should be submitted in writing or via email to the RIBA Competitions Office, to arrive before 4.00 pm on Wednesday 28 January 2009. A memorandum based on the questions received will be available to download from the RIBA Competitions Office website from Wednesday 4 February 2009. The memorandum will form part of the conditions.

Competition Schedule

Competition launch: 06 January 2009
Deadline for questions: 28 January 2009
Response to questions: 04 February 2009
Registration closes: 02 March 2009
Submission of designs: 06 March 2009, 14:00
Judging: 09 March 2009
Announcement of winning entries: 16 March 2009
Awards Ceremony: 26 March 2009

Intention to Build
The competition is a call for ideas only; it is not the intent of the organizer or sponsors to build the winning design.

Professor June Andrews, Dementia Services Development Centre, Stirling
Neil Hunt, Chief Executive, Alzheimer''s Society
Lyth Watson, Director of Business Development, BUPA Care Homes
David Ward, Chief Executive, DWA Architects (RIBA Architectural Advisor)
Joanne Wallis, RIBA Competitions Office (Observer)

First Prize:
3.000 Pounds
Second Prize: 1.500 Pounds
Third Prize: 1.000 PoundsKonuyla İlgili Linkler
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