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Son Başvuru Tarihi: 11 Mayıs 2009
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New technologies are revolutionizing the process and product of architecture. To celebrate advances in building technology, ARCHITECT announces the third annual R+D Awards. The awards honor innovative materials and systems at every scale-from entire buildings and complexes to hvac and structural systems to curtain-wall and ceiling-panel assemblies to discrete building materials such as wood composites and textiles. The R+D Awards are purposefully open to building technologies of all types, in order to encourage the broadest possible dialogue among architects, engineers, manufacturers, researchers, students, and designers of all disciplines.

Prototype: Products, materials, and systems that are in the prototyping and testing phase

Products, materials, and systems that are available for use

Application: Products, materials, and systems as used in a single architectural project or group of related architectural projects

The jury will consider new materials, products, and systems as well as unconventional uses of existing materials, products, and systems. Entries will be judged for their potential or documented innovation in fabrication, assembly, installation, and performance. All entries will be judged according to their potential to advance the aesthetic, environmental, social, and technological value of architecture.

The awards are equally open to architects, designers of all disciplines, engineers, manufacturers, researchers, and students. Commercial products must be available in the United States; non-commercial strategies must have been developed by individuals and groups based in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Entries must have been completed after January 1, 2006.

The awards will be announced in a press statement to be released in conjunction with the publication of the August 2009 issue. ARCHITECT will confirm reciept of each submission, by email, to the contact person identified on the entry form. Due to the anticipated volume of entries, ARCHITECT cannot respond to inquiries about the status of submissions. Award winners will be contacted in mid-Summer. Receipt of an award must remain absolutely confidential until the publication of the August 2009 issue.

The entries will be reviewed by leading members of the architecture, design, and engineering communities. Jurors who have a close professional or personal association with any entrant or entry will be asked to recuse themselves from the judging of that submission.

The winning entries will appear in the August 2009 issue of ARCHITECT, both in print and online.The R+D Awards will be judged according to three categories, reflecting different stages of the research and development process.

Regular: 07 May 2009 (postmark)
Late: 11 May 2009 (postmark, additional fee is required)

Entry Fee
First entry: 125 Dollars
Additional entries: 75 Dollars each
Late entries: 50 Dollars additional fee per entry postmarked by 11 May 2009

The entry fee is nonrefundable.

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