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In an increasingly urban world, people across the globe are experiencing the opportunities and challenges that come with rapid urban growth and the evolution of cities. This includes many economic, social and cultural opportunities offered by urban areas, which often drive economic growth, and provide the cradle for social and cultural change. However, people in many urban areas face a range of challenges that affect quality of life, limit opportunities and perpetuate inequalities. These urban problems include:

- Environmental pollution
- Social disintegration
- Economic collapse
- Effects of global warming
- Impacts of natural disaster
- Ecological degradation
- Civil unrest

The Theme
EDAW AECOM is seeking submissions for its first sponsored competition, the EDAW Student Competition (ESC), in order to look at the range of interventions required to stabilise these challenged urban communities in an increasingly unstable and uncertain environment.

1. What are the pressures/problems facing a specific urban site? How are these affected by global climate and sustainability issues?
2. What are the creative solutions to address these problems, which may include greater public regulation, stimulating private investment, community-based action or voluntary sector initiatives?

Consistent with EDAW''s approach, responses should demonstrate a holistic approach to tackling these urban problems, and should not be limited exclusively to design responses. Though much of EDAW''s work is response to formal planning processes, for this competition responses should focus on both formal and informal processes that can bring about change.

Geographical selection is open.

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students at all levels of higher education in all countries of the world. Entrants must be enrolled in a certified programme at the time of registration. All members of the team must be enrolled students at the registration deadline (15 May 2009). Employees of AECOM (including EDAW AECOM) are not eligible.

Levels: Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. students.

Fields of Study: Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Economics, Urban Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Urban Studies, Environmental Studies, Engineering, Traffic Planning or related fields.

Submissions may be from individuals or teams of up to 4 members, and should reflect the multi-disciplinary issues identified in the brief.

The top four entrants will get to travel to Barcelona to attend the World Architecture Festival in November 2009. And like we said, we''ll throw in 20.000 Dollars prize money.

Registration period is between 18 March - 15 May 2009.

Entrants will be required to complete the online registration form on the Urban SOS website.

Competition Schedule
18 March 2009:
Competition opens for Registration
15 May 2009:
Registration Deadline
31 July 2009:
Submission Deadline
01 September 2009: Announcement of Semi-Finalists
04 - 06 November 2009: Presentation & Critique of Semi-Finalists'' Submissions at the World 06 November 2009: Announcement of Winner

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