One Good Chair Design Competition 2009

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"It''s weird that chairs even exist when you''re not in them."

Seth Rogen, "Knocked Up"

All sustainability is local, the saying goes. But how can manufactured, transportable products such as furniture become "local"? In a global market, can there be a truly regional product?

Any designer can enter any design that has not yet been produced - that is the designer can be a professional or a student but the design must not yet have been put into production.

Design an original chair that embodies and enhances a particular place, anywhere in the world but one you know and love, even if you don''t live there. We hope to see ideas from across the globe. Your concept might reinterpret local customs or start from scratch, but either way it should stimulate a tangible sense of belonging to its cultural and natural context. Demonstrate visually and verbally how your design springs from local conditions:

- Identity of place
- Regional ecology
- Indigenous materials
- Conservation of resources through form
- Culturally determined notions of comfort
- Social history

How does your design fit-right here? How does it create a good fit between people and place, a good fit for the body, a good fit for the ecosystem?

In addition to the special criteria of the "Fit Right Here" challenge, entries should demonstrate the three basic principles of "One Good Chair":

- Make good (Material conservation). How can shape optimize resources in design, fabrication, and shipping? What forms create little waste but lots of taste?
- Feel good (Physical comfort). How can shape aid the body in the act of sitting? How do different people sit? How might they?
- Look good (Emotional resonance). What kinds of images create emotional bond between viewer and product? What is the intersection of sustainability and sensuality?

Cash awards to be announced.

Prototypes of the finalist entries will be built, pending sponsorship. Details to be announced.

Winners and finalists will be published in a variety of media outlets to be announced.

Select entries may be featured in Lance Hosey''s forthcoming book, The Shape of Green: Aesthetics, Ecology, and Design

Lance Hosey, Architect and Author (jury Chair)
Marc Alt, Marc Alt + Partners
Valerie Casey, IDEO, The Designers Accord
Robert Corser, 2008 One Good Chair finalist
Kira Gould, William McDonough + Partners
Zem Joaquin, ecofabulous
Stephen Kieran, KieranTimberlake
Charlie Lazor, BluDot
Richard Liddle, Cohda Design
Pete O''Shea, Siteworks
Elva Rubio, Bruce Mau Design
Jill Salisbury, el furniture.
Nathan Shedroff, Design Strategist and Author, Experience Design
Susan Szenasy, Metropolis magazine
Matteo Vercelloni, Studio Matteo Vercelloni
Micahel Wollaeger, Western Design and Interiors

Competition Schedule
Dates and details subject to change. More information to be announced.

Phase 1
06 April 2009:
Registration opens
01 May 2009: Entries accepted
30 May 2009: Registration closes
15 June 2009: Late Registration ends. Final questions due
30 June 2009: Entries due 17:00

Phase 2
01 August 2009:
Finalists informed, Prototypes fabricated
14 - 17 September 2009: Judging and awards ceremony, Las Vegas Market

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