06 SKYSCRAPER Architectural Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 05 Ocak 2006
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Web Sitesi: www.evolo-arch.com/
06 SKYSCRAPER is an international competition for students, architects, engineers, and designers willing to propose new ideas on the concept of vertical density. What is a skyscraper at the beginning of the XXI Century? What are the historical and social contexts of these mega-structures? What are their responses towards the existing urban fabric? Is the modern skyscraper a city by itself? Is the human scale lost?

The idea of the competition is to explore the future of one of the most interesting architectural structures; the skyscraper.

The Site
The location of the site is open to be proposed by each one of the participants. the idea is to give entire freedom to their creativity. The only restriction is that the project must be located in a metropolis with more than 4 million inhabitants. The project analysis should include ideas to incorporate the new skyscraper to the existing urban fabric and social condition.

All students, architects, engineers and designers are invited.

15 November 2005, Acceptance of questions deadline
01 December 2005, Answers to questions will be posted on website
05 January 2006, Registration Deadline
15 January 2005, Submission deadline
01 Februay 2006, Winners announced

1st Place 2.000 Dolar
2nd Place 1.000 Dolar
3rd Place 500 Dolar
Honorable Mentions

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