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Aim and Scope of the Competition

The First International Competition for Research Papers in Architecture and Urban Design is organized to enhance knowledge and creativity in architecture and architectural education. The competition will be conducted globally in two phases: regional competitions in the five UIA Regions followed by an international selection among the winners of the regional competitions.

Thematic Areas of the Competition
The thematic areas of the competition for architectural research papers include;
1.1. Teaching and learning methods in architecture
1.2. Heritage and sustainability
1.3. Architecture for all (including children), cultural diversity, spatial needs
1.4. Architecture and urbanism.

The competition is open to an individual or a group of individuals holding a graduate degree from 5-or-more year program in architecture or urban design.

[1 June 2010] Announcement of the competition, on UIA web site.

[15 July 2010] Website activated

[1 August 2010] Deadline for competitors questions

[15 August 2010] Deadline for answers to the questions

[15 October 2010]System opens for Registration

[30 December 2010]Deadline for Registration

[1 February 2011]Online Submission Period Opens

[30 March 2011]Online Submission Periods Close

[15 April 2011]The administrator sends the sorted papers to Regional Jury members

[15 May 2011]Scoring papers and transmitting selected papers back to administrator by regional juries, on or before:

[30 May 2011]Submission of the result of the regional adjudication to the international jury on or before:

[15 June 2011]Rating of the selected papers for selection of the winners and mentions by the international jury members, on or before:

[28 June 2011]Verification of winner''s eligibility

[30 June 2011]Announcement of the final winners (on the Competition Website)
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