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This year OPOS aims at directing the research in design towards the idea of transformation. Our contemporary world, at any latitude and longitude, seems to be dominated by change. Though in apparent absence of ideologies and major positive utopias, the material and immaterial environment experience non-stop changes at the speed of thought, of calculation, of communication. So do people, places, objects and their values.

Our very identities change and the dimension of our existence transforms itself, becoming trans-cultural, trans-biological, trans-generational, trans-gender, trans-genic, trans-itory.

Similarly do the places where we live, the objects we use, the life forms we observe, the languages we speak.
Opos intends to strongly emphasise that change is getting faster and faster, more and more common, involving people and the way they define their identities, the spaces of their social and individual lives, their experiences in today''s world.

Bearing in mind this dominating movement, OPOS is asking a simple question: an exact, moderate and motivated resistance to change,an attitude of diversity and originality,or a little, exemplary antagonism, be they in form of an emblematic object or work, could these factors contribute to our change?

To design transformation with the right awareness, this seems necessary to OPOS. Create projects that incorporate in their very essence the idea of change but also the resistance to change itself, so that transformation becomes dominating, not only as an unavoidable condition, but also as a virtually positive dimension of the present not oblivious of the past.

About the competition

Participation is open to all designers, architects, students, design amateurs, in team or individually, of any nationality. In case several people are involved in the making of one project, it is necessary to communicate the full list of the team members and the name of one team leader. When entering the competition participants totally accept all conditions below.
Responsibility and originality
All projects must necessarily be original and unpublished; if not so, they will be excluded from the competition.
Applications for projects already in production, submitted to other competitions, already published or exhibited shall not be accepted into the competition. Designers solely are responsible for the granting of the originality of their works. OPOS does not undertake any responsibility on submitted projects.

Selected projects will be displayed in the exhibition that OPOS will organise during the 2006 ''Salone del Mobile''. Designers shortlisted for the exhibition will receive a reimbursement of 300 € maximum.  

The jury
The jury composition will be communicated shortly and will be published onto the OPOS web site. The selection of projects will be done by this jury and will not be questionable.

Conditions of entry
Entries are anonymous. Signs or writings on the works such that may help identify their authors'' names are not allowed. In order to guarantee anonymity, during the entry process the web system will automatically generate an ID code which will be paired to the project to make identification possible at later stages. Applications will only be possible through the dedicated form in the section competitions on the website www.opos.it

Submitting projects
Projects will have to be supplied via one single pdf file in A4 format (4 pages max with a brief description of the project in Italian and in English and 4 significant images) and the file will have to be named as follows: opos-2006_transformer.pdf

Entry deadline
The deadline for submitting projects is 7 January 2006. Projects submitted later than this date will not be allowed into the competition.

Shortlisted projects will be selected among the entries received by the date indicated in paragraph 7 and their prototypes will be displayed in an exhibition at ASAPSTORE Corso Garibaldi 104, during the days of the ''Fuori Salone del Mobile'' 2006.

By January 21 2006 selected projects will be communicated so that their designers will be able to start the making of prototypes.

After that, the organisation of the exhibition will continue as follows:
7 March 2006: supply of the images of the prototypes and of the final project description (Italian/English);
30 March 2006: supply of the prototypes for the exhibition;
5 / 10 April 2006 exhibition.

Designers shall maintain the intellectual property and the copyright of the projects they submit.
Finalists will be allowed to publish images of their projects provided they use the caption "Project presented at Transformer – OPOS 2006". By participating into the competition, designers authorise OPOS indefinitely to the graphic, photographic, and video reproduction of the projects sent for any publication, both informative and promotional, any exhibition and on any support, and no reimbursement or acknowledgement shall be granted to them, with the exception of the acknowledgements of their names.

Designers have the right to protect their works with registration and application for patent prior to the participation into the competition.

For any further information and technical clarifications, please write to [email protected]  
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