4 Corners Design Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 24 Şubat 2006
Teslim Tarihi: 01 Mart 2006
Kimler Katılabilir: mimarlar, plancılar, öğretim görevlileri, öğrenciler
Katılım Ücreti: Öğrencilere ve öğretim görevlilerine 50 Dolar, profesyonellere 100 Dolar
Web Sitesi: www.aiaflasw.org/
Yarışma SonuçlarıJuried Competition Winner:
Christopher Janson and Meaghan Kroener, Oakland California

Sam Noe Peoples Choice Winner:
Rob Herscoe, Naples Florida
Yarışma Bilgileri

About the Competition

The Four Corners Competition is classified as a non-commissioned architectural/urban design ideas competition. It is open to entrants from the U. S. and abroad. Entries will be juried in two fashions: by a traditional closed jury of expert professionals, followed by an open public exposition of all the entries at which attendees may vote for their choice. Cash awards will be given to the winners in each category. See the Awards section of the website for more information about the prizes.

The competition study area, delineated on figure “A” below, lies between the city’s vibrant central entertainment and retail spine – known as “Fifth Avenue South” – on the West, and a planned major retail, office and residential development on the East, currently known as Grand Central Station. This development is expected to be equally as vibrant as Fifth Avenue South. This competition has been mounted to discover exciting ways to link these two focal areas, joining them into a new and grander Naples downtown. The competition also seeks to discover attractive ways to link this new enhanced core area to several other adjacent attractive areas, as indicated on the context aerial map in the context section of this website.

The character of the designs submitted in this competition will be critically important. The City of Naples has long been recognized as one of the most attractive locations in Florida. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples has attracted an upscale population of around 22,000 year-round residents and an additional 16,000 seasonal residents. The city also serves as the hub of a vast metropolitan community of around 250,000. Naples’ extraordinarily sophisticated, green ambiance is exemplified in the photos displayed in this website. Residents and civic leaders alike are determined to safeguard this character, and to see it enhanced within the competition study area.

Eligibility and Qualifications
The 4 Corners Design Competition is and open international ideas competition eligible to all Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects, Students, Professors, Artists etc. As an ‘ideas’ competition this process will seek creative responses to the guiding principles included in the links above.

Individuals who are associated with the City of Naples as employees of the city or community city boards as well as the AIA Florida Southwest board of directors and United Arts Council board of directors are encouraged to enter the competition, however, submissions from these individuals will only be eligible for the people choice awards who are anonymously voted on by the public.

October 12, 2005 Competition Website Launched
December 14, 2005 Four Corners Site Tour - optional
January 11, 2006 Four Corners Site Tour #2 - optional
February 15, 2006 Questions Deadline
February 18, 2006 Question and Answer Posting
February 24, 2006 Registration Deadline
March 1, 2006 Submission Deadline
March 4, 2006 Jury for Competition Submissions
March 22–25, 2006 Public Art Display (Voting for People''s Choice)
March 25, 2006 Awards Reception
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