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Gone are the days when being "old" equated with being in frail health, heavily dependent on medical care and financially hard up.

Today the media portray senior citizens as being in the prime of life. Elderly people enjoy a high life expectancy and are highly mobile. They are avid consumers, and have the purchasing power to back it up. Nevertheless, life in advanced years, e.g. from 70 onward, has its own special framework. The competition entitled "Lebens(t)räume" puts a spotlight on this framework, inviting students of design, architecture or interior design as well as young designers who have graduated within the last two years an opportunity to demonstrate their competence in the field.

Clearly there are numerous differences between the daily routines of young and old, sick and well, disabled and non-disabled. But there is one thing that all these groups should definitely have in common: good architecture and well-designed products! And the architecture and design communities have a key role to play here, since issues like functionality, ergonomics, the right materials and level of workmanship are every bit as integral to their disciplines as "pure" aesthetics. And graphics, whether printed or digital, also have to cope with a special set of demands.

This key challenge for designers goes by several different names - "design for all," "barrier-free design," "Universal Design." None of these terms has of yet become clearly established at an international level, and there is not even a uniform definition for each. "Universal Design," referring to top-rate design that is functional for all age categories, is in our opinion the term that most easily conveys the relevance of well-designed products to our daily lives. Together with industry, we can perhaps only make a small contribution to getting everyone, surrounded as they are on a daily basis by objects of all kinds, truly integrated. But this is a challenge that nevertheless requires hard work and dedication - and is one we are ready to embrace.

The organizer of the competition is the Vincentz Verlag publishing house which, with its publications and flagship trade fair "Altenpflege", disseminates professional information and insures that all the many groups involved in this growing market keep in mutual communication. At the upcoming "Altenpflege+ProPflege" Vincentz publishers invites young people to take part in this competition as a way of stepping up the level of debate and inspiring the development of new living concepts.

Students in the field of design, architecture and interior design are invited to compete, along with young designers who are still relatively new at their profession after graduating within the last two years.

Group projects are also eligible to compete.

Evaluation Criteria
- The criteria of Universal Design: Common Usability, Flexibility in use, Easy and intuitively to use, Safety, - Ergonomics
- Creativity of overall concept
- Social relevance
- Depth of planning displayed in the concept and design drafts
- Innovation

Theme: Living Environments
Registration and Submission Deadline: January 2nd. 2006
Award Ceremony: On the 15th of February 2006 within the special show "Lebensräume"
Prize Money: 6000 Euro
All awarded entries will be shown within the special show "Lebensräume" which will be staged during the tradefair "Altenpflege+ProPflege 2006" from 14.-16. February 2006 in Hannover

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