CNU Charter Awards 2006

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In the United States and the world over, designers, developers, public officials, and others are creating buildings, streets, squares, neighborhoods, and other urban places worthy of the world?s most beloved cities. With the aid of the New Urbanism movement, they are creating long-term city and regional plans that will serve as blueprints for the great cities and towns of tomorrow.

Administered by the movement?s flagship organization ? the Congress for the New Urbanism ??the Charter Awards program rewards the best work of this new era of placemaking. Each year CNU convenes a jury of the highest caliber to review submissions and select the winning entries that best embody and advance the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism. In 2006, jury members include foremost urbanists such as designers Leon Krier, Jacquelin Robertson, Peter Calthorpe and Barbara Littenberg to development analyst Todd Zimmerman.

Honorees set the gold standard for urban design and development and serve as powerful examples for future development. The CNU welcomes you to submit your work for this fine distinction. Submissions deadline: 31 January 2006.

The 2006 Charter Awards Jury
Dhiru Thadani, Jury Chair, Principal, Ayers/Saint/Gross, Architects + Urban Planners
Peter Calthorpe, Principal, Calthorpe Associates
Rick Chellman, Principal, TND Engineering
Peter Hetzel, Principal, Peter Hetzel Architecture + Urbanism
Linda Keane, AIA, Architect and Urban Planner, STUDIO 1032, and Faculty, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Léon Krier, Architect and Urban Planner
Barbara Littenberg, Partner, Peterson/Littenberg Architecture and Urban Design
Susan Parham, Chair, Council for European Urbanism, and Director, CAG Consultants
Jaquelin T. Robertson, Partner, Cooper Robertson & Partners
Carroll William Westfall, Frank Montana Professor, University of Notre Dame
Todd Zimmerman, Co-Managing Director, Zimmerman/Volk Associates, Inc.

Judging Criteria
Each entry will be judged based on the success with which it achieves its objectives, for the quality of the design or planning, and the degree to which it fulfills and advances the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism. While it is understood that many large-scale plans take long periods of time to implement, the judging criteria recognizes that completing high-quality built work is a special achievement. It is not required that projects be built, but the feasibility of unrealized projects will be of interest to the jury.

The Scales of the Charter of the New Urbanism
Projects are evaluated for their response to the aforementioned principles and are to be submitted under one of following three categories reflecting the different scales addressed by the Charter:

I The Region: Metropolis, City, and Town
Comprehensive plans, regional plans, visions, open space and environmental studies, policies, transportation plans, and master plans for existing and new cities and towns.

II Neighborhood, District, and Corridor
Master plans, urban designs, codes, and building and landscape designs for specific places within cities and towns.

III Block, Street, and Building
Detailed urban designs, codes, designs for individual buildings or small sets of buildings that integrate artfully with their urban context, and landscape designs for individual urban blocks and public spaces.

The Charter of the New Urbanism recognizes architectural, landscape and urban design excellence as important elements of urban places. Entrants should document the elements or features of the project that contribute to the quality of the place.

Students and Faculty
Degree-seeking students in any discipline that contributes to the shaping of the built environment, and faculty advising them, are invited to submit entries to the Charter Awards. Submissions may be initiated by the faculty or degree-seeking student (or students) in any discipline that contributes to the shaping of the built environment. Individual and team projects done for credit are welcome.

Students and Faculty click here to learn more and download academic submission materials. Please do not use the submission materials from the professional Charter Awards page, as the content will be different.

Awards Publication and Ceremony
CNU recognizes award recipients in a publication that profiles all winning entries and at an annual awards ceremony. This year''s ceremony will be held during CNU''s fourteenth annual Congress. CNU XIV runs from June 1-4, 2006, in Providence, Rhode Island.
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