Designboom Social Awareness Award 2006

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 28 Şubat 2006
Teslim Tarihi: 10 Mart 2006
E-posta: [email protected]
Web Sitesi: www.designboom.com/cart...

Participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to design professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts.

Free participation. Registration required.

01 - The subject of the international design competition is ‘shelter in a cart’ design a cart that can provide shelter and storage. Urban homeless use carts to carry their possessions and to collect goods (like bottles, cardboard, etc.) that they then return to various recyclers in exchange for cash. this provides a small and valuable income. it is essential that your cart design not only accommodates all these functions but that it is affordable (for production and for private parties or charity organisations who wish to donate them).

02 – Sponsors holding a design competition like this will have some interesting impacts; drawing attention to the issue of homelessness and our environment. we are sure that the talented creatives that enter this competition will come up with some stunning ideas, meeting the immediate needs of people who are currently experiencing

On the other hand organising and handling such an international design competitiion, with it’s related promotion and exhibition activities has a considerably high cost. this current competition cannot exist without community support. your donation will be used effectivly within this event to guarantee a big impact and a global audience.

Designboom would like to ask our readers to become a sponsor of this design competition, helping us to create the systemic and attitudinal changes necessary to bring attention to this rising problem of homelessness.

Sponsorship of the designboom social awareness award 2006 is an excellent way to get involved with schemes that close the gap between good ideas and social issues. Through sponsorship, you or your company/ association will have broad exposure to over 700,000 individuals who read designboom each month.

03 – Awards the designers of 3 winning entries will be granted with cash prize awards. Designboom will present USD 2000 towards the prizes, which will increase depending on the number of sponsors who wish to take part in this competition. the total prize fund will be announced before the competition deadline.

Also the jury will award 7 entries with honorable mentions. And as always designboom will publish an exhaustive results report.

04 – The jury is composed of currently under construction.

05 - Design criteria please don''t send in vague concepts, but go a step further. As designboom wishes to exhibit and prototype some of the most interesting projects, please consider the feasibility of manufacturing. The jury will award designs and concepts which are innovative in terms of their formal aspects as well as their functional ones.

06 – Registration will be accepted through to february 28th, 2006

07 - Registration submissions are accepted regardless of nationality and age and the competition is open to professionals and amateurs alike.

Teams register with one name only - when submitting works you should add all team member’s names.
(there is a maximum enrollment, registration may close prior to that deadline)

Register here

08 - Submit your entry / entries
Ehether you''re an individual or group, you can submit max.3 works.

You will be requested to supply:

1 - Up to 3 files (images or a composition of more images) of your project.
Please note: use only .gif, .jpeg, (72 dpi) max 100 kb each file.
Image size max 600 (width) x 700 (height) pixels.

If you are not able to reduce the size of your file please see the tutorial on how reduce the size of your file with photoshop.

- The original high-resolution image(s) will be requested if your work is shortlisted.

2 - Explanation of ideas a brief description of your work. (english text only, explanation is expected to be concise)

3 - You will be requested to accept the competition guidelines (competition guidelines: projects participating to the competition, must be original works.

Projects must be free from copyrights and any kind of obligation.

The design shall not in any way infringe any third party’s right, including but not limited to copyright, logos, trademark, trade names, or other proprietary rights of publicity or privacy.

Only entries with a declaration of authorship are accepted)

Submit your entry here

09 – Deadline for submission of entries works can be submitted until March 10th, 2006.

10 - Copyright any moral and paternity right regarding the project sent in for application is designer’s property.

However, by participating in the competition, all participants authorise designboom to prototype, publish and exhibit all the designs (including project data submitted)

– Waiving compensation – and/or to use them in any further publication / exhibition that the organisers may deem suitable and/or necessary.

And, by participating in the competition, all participants authorise designboom to publish and exhibit all the designs (including project data submitted)

– Waiving compensation – at exhibitions and events and/or to use them in any
publications that the organisers may deem suitable and/or necessary.

11 - Questions inquiries to [email protected]  
Please write in the subject line : Shelter in a cart

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