2005-06 ACSA/DHS Student Design Competition: Airports, Security, Circulation

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Teslim Tarihi: 15 Mayıs 2006
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Air transportation is undergoing unprecedented change due to evolving security imperatives, technological developments, and economic efficiencies. While the terrorist attacks of 2001caused a subsequent drop in the number of people flying, bookings have returned to pre–9/11 levels. By 2015, 1 billion passengers are expected to fly annually—around 60% of them on U.S. domestic flights. In response to changes in airport security and growth in airport traffic, a new look is needed at the circulation of passengers, cargo, and personnel throughout airports and into surrounding communities. And from that will come new approaches to user-centered design of airport terminals.

The 2005-06 ACSA/U.S. Department of Homeland Security Student Design Competition will meet this challenge. Teams of up to five students will design a terminal for a Category 1 airport, with particular attention paid to a design element to be elaborated in the competition program. The intent of the competition is to rethink possibilities for smooth travel in an open environment with minimal disruption and an adequate level of security.

Awards totaling $70,000 will be given: $35,000 divided among first, second, and third prize winners for best overall design, and $35,000 divided among first, second, and third prize winners for best design element. A number of honorable mentions may also be awarded with no cash prizes. The design jury will meet the weekend of May 15, 2006, to select winning projects. Winning teams and faculty sponsors will be notified of the results directly. Additionally, (pending DHS fudning) up to two teams with exemplary designs will be invited to spend a week, along with their faculty sponsor, at an architecture firm to create a set of more developed design prototypes. Teams and faculty will be paid for this work, and travel and related expenses will be covered. ACSA and U.S.Department of Homeland Security will also work to promote the results of the competition and the design prototyping to the print and broadcast media.

The competition program booklet will be available August 2005 at www.acsa-arch.org. Registration will be online beginning December 2005. The summary book, featuring the winning entries, will be published in the summer of 2006.

Direct questions about the program and submissions to:
Eric Ellis/Airport Competition
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
1735 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20006 USA
Tel: 202.785.2324 ext 8, Competition Hotline
Fax: 202.628.0448
[email protected]
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