The Spaces International Design Competition

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Spaces offers a unique showcase setting for students from design schools around the world in which they can compete against one another for international recognition, gifts from sponsors and a cash prize. Over the course of the competition, the selected candidates will have many opportunities to display their design skills and techniques to TV viewers, industry professionals, developers and retailers from around the world. The designers will be required to complete a variety of challenging tasks utilizing all design mediums; interior, fashion, home décor, urban-living, furniture, accessories, etc.

Twenty-four students in total will be invited to compete and participate in Spaces, which includes the events, the awards and reality-TV show. These twenty-four students will be split into two pools consisting of twelve students per Pool (Pool A and Pool B). Each Pool will then be divided into six teams (2 students per team). Each Pool will compete within itself through a series of mini challenges/tasks for first and second place. The first and second place winners from each Pool will advance to the next round of the Spaces event competition (eight finalists).

The eight finalists will continue to work in teams as they enter the next phase of the competition. The teams will be required to create a complete environment ‘showcase’ for the Spaces event. Given a theme for the event, the designers will be required to finish their Space within a certain time period and within a given budget. Products, furniture, fashion and models used within the Space will consist specifically of Spaces sponsors and contributors. In order to gain maximum exposure for all involved in Spaces every aspect (from conception to creation to completion) of the competition will be filmed by a television crew. This is necessary so that the viewers can see and experience everything through the eyes of the designer as they prepare and unveil their Space(s).

Each finalist’s Space will be evaluated on the strength of their originality, creativity and the proper application of design techniques by celebrity and experienced design judges. The grand prize will be awarded to the contestant designer who has consistently been able to best visualize, create, and ‘sell’ their Space according to lifestyle appeal. The winner will receive CDN.$20,000 cash prize, gifts from Spaces sponsors and the opportunity of having both their school and design portfolio recognized internationally through full media coverage, sponsorship advertisements and a television series. The second place winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize as well as gifts from Spaces sponsors.


Spaces Design Awards will be judged and handed out by design industry professionals who grade each Space independently based on the participant''s talent, creativity and industry potential.

The Awards are based on Idea Component: 5 pts., Interior Design Component (3 pts.), and Fashion Component (2 pts.) The judges are given 10 points each to award (for a total of 30 points), which will make up the first half of the designer’s score. The second half of the points - 30 in total - are to be awarded by the viewers, allowing the competitors a maximum score of 60 points.

Points are broken down as fallows:

1. Idea Component: 5 pts - As each event is based on a specific theme, the Judges will carefully assess the designer’s grasp of the theme (clarity of idea) and their ability to develop that concept, beginning to end, in a clear and consistent way.

2. Interior Design Component (effectiveness): 3 pts - Students must show the ability to properly display and utilize sponsors home/furniture/accessories/etc.

3. Fashion Component (creativity): 2 pts - Students will be judged on how well they co-ordinate and dress their models in accordance with the Space using fashion sponsors.

4. Audience participation - Audience participation will make up 50% of the designer’s final score. A live-voting system will be set up so that they can vote for their favorite designer. The team with the most audience votes gets an automatic 30 points. The other team will be awarded an automatic 15 points.

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