ArchVoices 06 Essay Competition

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The annual ArchVoices Essay Competition encourages, promotes, and rewards critical thinking and writing--two traditionally under-emphasized areas of architectural education and training. Interns, non-registered architects, current graduate students in architecture, undergraduate students in their final year of architecture school, and other architecture school graduates are eligible to participate.

For Stage One, entrants are asked to submit a 500-word abstract responding to the following statements and questions. Entrants selected to move on to Stage Two will be asked to expand on that draft in a 2,000-word essay. As the opportunities and demands of architectural practice evolve, entrants are asked to propose a mission statement and an action plan for an architectural practice of the 21st century. Will such an endeavor maintain current methods or redefine practice, as have known it? What will be the key challenges? Will it be a singular entity or comprised of multiple components? Who will this practice serve and how will it sustain itself? How might the skill set acquired through architectural education and training, technology and material developments, and collaboration with related fields play a role in such a 21st century architectural practice, if at all?

The written exploration of this multi-part question should address all elements of the topic. Participants are encouraged to illustrate their response with concrete examples, either via observation or personal experience or both.

The 500-word abstract should outline a draft of the mission statement and the steps necessary toward creating this new architectural practice. Entrants selected to move on to Stage Two will be asked to expand on the components of the proposed architectural practice in a 2,000-word essay.

Submission Guidelines
Proposals and essays will be judged for content, clarity, and specificity. Content refers to the overall theme of the proposal; clarity includes coherence, grammar, and spelling; and specificity is meant with respect to how the competition questions and theme are addressed. All essays will be blind-reviewed. References to specific individuals, firms, or schools, which may reveal the author''s identity are discouraged. Additionally, all quotes and reference sources must be properly cited.

For Stage One, the competition committee recommends that entrants frame the essay with a clear introduction of what is covered in the text and a conclusion that summarizes the main points and direction for further exploration. All essays must be original and not previously published elsewhere.

Upon registration each entrant will receive a username and password. This will allow participants to refine entries during the Stage One submission period. Recommending that the essays be written using Microsoft Word or a comparable word-processing program, and pasted into the submission box. Be sure to check for grammar and spelling; clarity counts.

Stage One 500-word Essay Proposals Acception: 03 March 2006
Stage One Close: 31 March 2006
Semifinalists Announcement: 17 April 2006
Stage Two Close: 19 May 2006
Honorees Announcement: 30 June 2006

Theodore Landsmark
John Peterson
Leon van Schaik
Louis B. Smith Jr.
Katie Swenson

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