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Son Başvuru Tarihi: 29 Eylül 2006
Teslim Tarihi: 29 Eylül 2006
Kimler Katılabilir: Mimar, öğrenci, peyzaj mimarı, şehir plancıları ve mühendisler
Katılım Ücreti: 20 £
E-posta: [email protected]
Web Sitesi: www.aaschool.co.uk
The aim of the competition is to locate new projects that consider the larger contextual issues of environmental change while formulating critical and informed responses. The competition welcomes submissions that absorb new design methods, tectonics, materials, spatial organisations, social structures, formal within their conceptual and proposed frameworks, and/or political parameters that engage with complex environmental and sustainable parameters.

All current projects and research initiatives that integrate design methodologies and techniques with environmental issues are eligible. Projects of all scales and types – research, ideas or built work – are eligible as long as they have been commenced or completed after 2003. Submissions will be thematically grouped at the discretion of the technical jury prior to final evaluation. The competition seeks high quality projects that provide insights into the evolution of contemporary design techniques in relation to the environment and sustainability. The sponsors view this as a unique opportunity to help reveal current strands of investigation into design and the environment.

The competition winner will be publicly announced in October 2006 during the opening of the competition exhibition that will be hosted at the AA’s Bedford Square premises. The exhibition will host a forum discussion between the members of the international and multidisciplinary jury. The exhibition, competition results, idea/project organizational visualizations, introductory articles and excerpts from the forum will be published in 2006.

Competition registration will commence from 27 March with additional briefing information being made available to registered participants from the same date.

The entry fee is £ 20.
The closing date for registration is 7 August.
Q & A will be held between 7 and 28 April.
Submissions will be accepted from 15 May; final submission deadline must be postmarked by 4 September.
The competition is open to all architects, students, landscape architects, designers, urban designers, planners, engineers, educators and researchers. Multidisciplinary teams that include specialists and cross-professional/cross-educational fields are encouraged. Prizes include a £ 2.000 Grand Prize and commendation awards.
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