The Archpluspreis 5

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 25 Ağustos 2006
Teslim Tarihi: 31 Ağustos 2006
E-posta: [email protected]
Web Sitesi: www.archplus.net

The archpluspreis will be granted for the best graduation projects or thesis papers in achitecture, urbanism and design.

Admitted are all graduates of Universities, Art Academies and all other internationally recognised educational establishments who graduated since the first of January 2005. Please also note the general terms and conditions.

The online registration is obligatory for all participants and must be done before submitting works. It is not possible to register more than once. Before submitting works, the registration can be changed by logging in with the given registration number and your email-address.

Deadline for Registration
25.08.2006, 23:59

Deadline for Submissions
31.08.2006, postmark

According to its focus, the project/paper must be dedicated to one of eight given topics or designated as miscellaneous.

The topics are:
New spatial concepts for living regarding the demographical and social changes in society and the changes in the relationship of life and work.

Cities and Public Spaces
Projects regarding suburbanisation, the return to the city center, shrinking, uncontrolled growth and the state of the public realm in general.

Projects and concepts regarding the flexibilisation of work and the growing amount of vacant office space.

Recreation and Consumption
Projects from sports to shopping, from edutainment to wellness and tourism regarding the commercialisation of all realms.

Projects and concepts regarding the increasing mobility of people and goods.

Projects and concepts increasing the perfomance of buildings, applying new technology and materials and contributions of architecture to the fields of energy, ecology and environment.

Projects and concepts connecting to the ideal of creating one world through exchange and solidarity.

Social/technological projects and concepts for a better world.

Projects and concepts regarding everything else

1. A maximum of 8 loose sheets in format DIN A3 (420 X 297 mm) made of paper or cardboard (please no kappa or pvc-like materials) showing all important information including drawings, photos, renderings, texts. Digital data and brochures are not allowed. Exeptions: Theoretical works can be submitted as a brochure and movies on CD-ROM or DVD. The medium must be compatible to PC or MAC and the files to one of the folllowing players: Windows Media-Player, Quicktime, Flash, Shockwave, Internet Explorer, Powerpoint. If it is not possible to open the files, the work can not be considered by the jury.

2. A short abstract (max. A4) of the project, including topic, requirements and the taken approach)

3. A closed envelope just marked with the registration number and containing the filled out and signed online-registration form and a personal photo. For your submission, please use briefcases instead of rolls. And since a return of documents is not intended, please do not hand in originals. However, there might be an exeption to these rules if specifically appointed with editorial staff of archplus.

Wiel Arets,
Amandus Sattler,
Erich Schneider-Wessling,
Werner Sobek
Winners of archpluspreis 4,
Editorial board,
Sponsors’ representatives

Jury Meeting

Price Money
12.000 EUR
Yarışma Arşivi
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