The Hobart Waterfront International Design Competition

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Teslim Tarihi: 01 Aralık 2006
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Hobart''s historic waterfront, Sullivans Cove, faces south towards Antarctica and is bordered by the River Derwent and the imposing Mount Wellington Range. This dramatic backdrop creates a natural amphitheatre and at its lowest point, where water meets land, is a unique opportunity to revitalise this part of the city.

The Hobart Waterfront International Design Competition seeks visionary design proposals for one of the city''s historical sites, an area where cultural importance is reflected in a unique collection of heritage buildings.

The Competition Area is a broad band of space framed by the street-grid of the city. As the place where the Hobart Rivulet met the cove, it played an important role in Aboriginal life. The safe anchorage and fresh water supply were a vital factor in the early occupation of Tasmania and the foundation of Hobart.

The Competition Area is located on the least active side of Sullivans Cove and is currently the weakest connection between the city centre and the waterfront.

The creative challenge is to embrace the area''s rich history and design a contemporary cultural hub to revitalise the space.

Geoffrey London (Chair)
Carme Pinos
Wiel Arets
Catherin Bull
Daryl Le Grew

Awards and Prizes
The total prize pool is 160.000 American Dolar 

The most outstanding entries (not more than three) will receive a share of 150.000 American Dolar in the proportions determined by the Jury.

A prize of 10.000 American Dolar will be awarded to what the Jury judges to be the most outstanding student entry not otherwise winning a prize.

Competition opens: 24 July 2006
Competition closes: 1 December 2006
Registration opens: 24 July 2006
Registration closes: 3 November 2006
1st round question period closes: 18 August 2006
1st round answers provided: 25 August 2006
2nd round question period closes: 22 September 2006
2nd round answers provided: 29 September 2006
Judging: 16 January 2007
Winners announced: 19 January 2007
Exhibition: 25 January 2007
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