Designing and building for all

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"Lo spirito di Stella", a non - profit association, Progetto Italia and TIM are holding the second "Designing and building for all" ideas competition.

The international competition is open to architects, planners and designers as well as students of architecture, engineering and industrial design. The initiative¿s goal is to develop the following theme, taking into account factors such as accessibility and use: the centrality of the person in offices open to the public .

The aim of the competition is to come up with an ''ideal'' office building: an environment in which accessibility, the availability of space, reception and sensorial pleasure are closely correlated elements. This is to apply to the point of view of people working in the building and clients / users.

The first prize is 10.000 Euro, the second prize is 6.000 Euro, and the third prize is 5.000 Euro. In the students section the first prize is 4.000 Euro, the second prize is 3.000 Euro and the third prize is 2.000 Euro.

Material must be submitted by January 31 2007.
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