Futures of Cities

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Moving to the city? Or is the city moving in on you? 2007 marks a dramatic shift: Yesterday’s fields and flowers – tomorrow’s urban wildlife. For the first time in history, half of the world’s population now inhabits cities!

As the urban population increases, so do the challenges facing urban life.

Which challenges do you expect to have the greatest impact on the cityscape, on the countryside, on the built environment, on where you live, study, and pursue your dreams?

What agenda, environment, site or scale do you consider most important to the theme “Futures of Cities”?

What implementations would you like to see? What plans and building programs do you propose for the Futures of Cities?

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students at all levels of higher education in all countries of the world.

Levels: Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. students

Fields of Study: Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Urban Studies, Environmental Studies, Engineering, Traffic Planning or related fields.


February 2007 - Publication of Competition Brief
March 2007 - Open Q & A
April 2007 - Q & A
31 August 2007 - Deadline submission
23 - 26 September 2007 - IFHP World Congress
24 - 25 September 2007 - IFHP Student Congress
24 September 2007 - Competition awards ceremony
September - October 2007 - Competition Exhibition

From the entries submitted, the international jury will select: A minimum of 10 projects which best fulfil the objectives of the competition, giving them special mention and worldwide publication of these results (mentioning the members of the team and the institute/faculty of which they belong). Of these 10 projects:

Awards recipients:
- Student award – recognition of the students
- Faculty award – recognition of the faculty member supporting/supervising the process

The competition awards are threefold:
- Cash award
- Travel & lodging - to attend the Futures of Cities IFHP 2007 Copenhagen Student Congress
- Congress fee waiver

Total award sum
100.000 Euro / 750.000 DKK

Award sums
1st Prize 8.000 Euro / 60.000 DKK Faculty Award: 2,000 Euro / 15.000 DKK
2nd Prize 6.000 Euro / 45.000 DKK Faculty Award: 1,500 Euro / 11.250 DKK
3rd Prize 4.000 Euro / 30.000 DKK Faculty Award:1,000 Euro / 7.500 DKK
Honorable Mention 800 Euro / 6.000 DKK Faculty Award: 200 Euro / 1.500 DKK

Jury President - Professor Malachy McEldowney, Queen''s University, Belfast, UK
Professor Nachio Torisu, Japan
Architect Henrik Valeur, UID, Denmark, www.uid.dk
Adjunct Professor Jørgen Nue Møller, Copenhagen, Denmark
Associate Professor, Peder Duelund Mortensen, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark
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