Tomorrow''s Garden City an International Housing Design Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 31 Mayıs 2007
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Yarışma SonuçlarıProfessional category
Winner Stride Treglown – Architects from Bristol
2nd Prize – Project 35 Architects, London
Commended - Bell Phillips Architects, London and Draisci-Caputo Architects, London

Student Category
Winner – Robert Haworth, London
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Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and North Hertfordshire Homes, invite submissions for an international open design competition for the design of an affordable 21st Century house. The competition is organised with the support of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Competitions Office.

The competition seeks a housing design updating the original concept under-pinning Letchworth Garden City and the Garden City movement, incorporating new technologies and approaches to home and environment design to help meet the challenges of the 21st century, ensuring the homes will be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Intention to Build
It is hoped that from the entrants an entrants or a number of entrants can be appointed to take the design through to completion subject to successful funding and planning permission.

Competition Format
Designs will be assessed anonymously by the Jury Panel. The competition will be judged in two categories - one for the professional entries and one for student entries.

The competition is open internationally to architects, property and built environment professionals and students of these disciplines. Collaboration between disciplines is actively encouraged. No member or employee of the promoting bodies nor the jury panel shall be eligible to compete or assist a competitor.

Jury Panel
The Jury Panel are
Stuart Kenny, Director General, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation
Kevin Thompson, Chief Executive, North Hertfordshire Homes
Peter Chlapowski, PCKO Architects
Lynne Sullivan, Broadway Malyan

The Jury Panel will be supported by a Technical Panel. This panel will shortlist the entries for the final jury panel. The panel is still to be appointed but will include:
Peter Chlapowski, PCKO Architects
Lynne Sullivan, Broadway Malyan
Nick Wright, Head of Development, North Hertfordshire Homes
Tracy Harvey, Head of Planning and Development, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation
Roger Godden, Head of Property Services, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation

In the event of a jury member being unable to continue to act through illness or any other cause, the promoter in consultation with the RIBA will appoint another assessor.

Assessment Criteria
The proposed designs will be assessed against the following criteria:-
- Design quality
- Relevance to the Garden City movement and the character of Letchworth
- Value of what the design achieves and offers occupants in the quality of size and amenity
- Quality and deliverability of innovative ideas
- Economic building solutions and buildability
- Provisions for maintenance and durability of designs
- Feasibility of delivery, to cost to build and long term occupation costs
- Sustainable technologies
- Additional Considerations

This competition brings with it a number of design challenges. These include:
1. Density
The traditional view of garden cities is low-density housing, which is inconsistent with current national planning policy for higher densities. How would your proposal reconcile these tensions?

2. Space
Garden Cities promised to meld man with nature - as one early Letchworth marketing campaign put it - the combination of ‘the comforts of the town with the health and beauty of the country’ realised. How does your proposal reflect and encompass this?

Prize Money
A total prize fund of 25.000 Euro is available for the jury panel to allocate as they see fit.

The timetable for the competition, which may be subject to variation, is as follows:
Brief available: Thursday 1 February 2007
Question deadline: Thursday 28 February 2007
Answers to questions: by Friday 16 March 2007
Submission deadline: Thursday 31 May 2007
Initial Assessment: w/c 25 June 2007
Final Assessment and prize giving ceremony: Wednesday 18 July 2007
Announcement of result: 19 July 2007 onwards
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