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Son Başvuru Tarihi: 31 Ekim 2007
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Arquitectum, a leading architectural firm, aims to involve architects in the graphic design of a new façade for its website. This initiative emerges from the idea that architects can – and ought to – be involved in graphic design in all its manifestations and not only in the case of “two dimensional plans”, given their knowledge of “image” in any context (institutional, business or personal) related to architecture.

This initiative also forms part of the new objectives of Arquitectum, which involve the participation of architects in artistic design (theatre, art exhibitions, performances), graphic and digital design (posters, building logos), digital design (virtual worlds, 3D animation or interactive games) and even production design (film sets, scenery for movies, etc.).

The subject, or theme, is very simple: Arquitectum has decided to divide, through the main page of its launcher, its architecture competitions into two categories: Academic and Professional.

This means that, once these distinct aspects of the company’s activities have been defined, it is necessary to make these distinctions clear to our clients – or to other architects – planning to enter one of our competitions, for there exists a difference – albeit subtle in nature – between the two types of competition.

This difference can be expressed as follows:
Academic Competitions: These competitions are aimed at promoting architects within the context of the world’s most important institutions (governments, publishers, universities, etc.), thereby enabling those architects to gain recognition, be it through invitations to lecture at conferences about their work, produce specialist publications or win contracts which involve the development of their architectural ideas and their intellectual standing within the field of architecture.

Professional Competitions: These are aimed at winning contracts anywhere in the world, providing emerging architects with the possibility of acquiring new markets for their work.

These two categories should appear clearly expressed in the new “façade”, so that each of them leads the reader to the respective site, where they will find the area in which they will be able to participate or settle their own particular queries.

Who Can Participate:
All web designers, graphic designers or digital artists anywhere in the world may participate as long as an architect, graduate or student of architecture is included in their team (architecture students, graduates or architects may participate without having to include a graphic designer, web designer or digital artist in their team).

Start Of Competition August 2007
Closing Date For Inscription 31 October 2007
Submission Date For Proposals 12 November 2007
Announcement Of Winning Project 1 December 2007
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