2007 Metal Construction Student Design Competition

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Yarışma SonuçlarıFirst Place 
Ryan Cameron and Mike Bettis
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Faculty Sponsor: Wayne Drummond, FAIA

Second Place
Matthew Smith-Ste. Marie and Heinz von Eckartsberg
Miami University - Oxford, Ohio
Faculty Sponsor: Murali Paranandi

Third Place
Owen Huisenga
University of Illinois - Chicago
Faculty Sponsor: Richard Blender

Honorable Mention
Christopher Grover 
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque
Faculty Sponsor: Stephen D. DentYarışma Bilgileri

This metal-in-construction competition challenges entrants to address architectural, structural, functional, cultural, and environmental issues in designing of various facilities at the Nature Center of Northerly Island. These facilities should utilize sheet metal and other metal materials, as well as metal structural members.

The proposed project will be located on Northerly Island, a 91-acre peninsula that sits along the shoreline of Lake Michigan just south of downtown Chicago. It is the former site of the Merrill C. Meigs Field Airport. In 1995, Mayor Richard M. Daley’s office recommended closing the airport for additional parkland. Northerly Island is adjacent to the Museum Campus, a popular attraction for families and students. The design should be sensitive to the purpose of the center and the context and activities surrounding this location.

The site can be considered as a blank slate. It offers a variety of options to remove, replace or adapt existing structures. Sustainability will be an important design consideration for the site and for the treatment of new and existing structures in the design. We envision the center not as a nature “museum” but as an interactive and programmed community resource. The nature center and facilities should become an extension of the Museum Campus offerings but be unique in character and purpose.

Because this facility will be open year-round, the design must meet the standard criteria for building design in the Chicago climate and also utilize “green building” concepts as defined by the USGBC’s LEED program standards. Metal should be used as the primary structural material and metal materials should be prominent in the design. Other materials may be used as well. The design should underscore the flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of metals in responding to the unique requirements of this facility.

Faculty members may wish to enroll all or part of their studios or classes in the competition. Students who wish to enter on their own must have a faculty sponsor. Projects may be the work of an individual or team.

Competition is open to upper-level (3rd year or higher) and graduate students in accredited schools of architecture. Each entrant must have a faculty sponsor. Submissions are to be principally the product of work in a design studio or related class.

Criteria for judging will include successful and creative use of metal in design solution and accommodations and solutions to the functional, environmental, and architectural needs and concerns involved. Key elements in the evaluation of the project will include:

- Creative use of many forms of metal in meeting both design and functional requirements
- Effectiveness in meeting the requirements of those who will use and work in the facility, in addition to the community, landscape, climate, and structural requirements
- Efficient implementation of mechanical, electrical, and external support systems
- Consideration given to preserving and improving the surrounding environment.

Cash prizes totaling 7,800 Dollars will be awarded to the winning students, the faculty sponsors, and their schools.

First Prize
Team / Individual: 2,500 Dollars
School: 1,500 Dollars
Faculty Sponsor: 500 Dollars 

Second Prize
Team / Individual: 1,500 Dollars
School: 750 Dollars
Faculty Sponsor: 250 Dollars 

Third Prize
Team / Individual: 500 Dollars 
School: 250 Dollars
Faculty Sponsor: 50 Dollars 

Winners will be spotlighted in metalmag magazine and the MCA Newsletter. Other publications will be notified and pictures may be used.

The jury comprises respected architects who are experts in the design of structures that use metal. Representatives of the following firms have been invited to participate:

- Booth Hansen Associates
- Chicago Park District
- DLK Architecture Planning Landscape
- Legat Architects
- Nagle Hartray Danker Kagan McKay Architects Ltd.
- OKW Architects, Inc.
- Perkins & Will
- Carol Ross Barney Architects

Pprogram Requierments
Program elements for the Nature Center could include:

- Children''s explorer camp: 1,500 sq ft
- Education/Research/Resource Center: 1,500 sq ft
- Lobby and exhibit space: 1,500 sq ft
- Habitat and native species extension of the nearby Shedd Aquarium: 3,000 sq ft
- Multipurpose conference and auditorium: 1,800 sq ft
- Bird hospital: 1,000 sq ft
- Food service/dining area: 1,500 sq ft
- Program facilitator''s office: 100 sq ft
- Research office: 200 sq ft
- Facility operator''s office: 100 sq ft
- Public toilets per code, mechanical, and storage as required
- Outdoor classroom and special event space

05 November 2007, 17:00 Submission deadline
12 November 2007 Competition jury selects winners

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