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Émile Hermès was a discoverer of new talent, a creative visionary and a true pioneer who recognised the value of the functionality of objects. Hermès is happy to launch a competition in his spirit. Aimed at young, European designers, the Prix Émile Hermès rewards the creation of innovative objects. In June 2008, the jury will choose three winners.

Contest theme: Everyday Lightness
- Create an object for everyday life.
- Simplify use. 
- Optimise function. 
- Give material a spirit. 
- Innovate to make everyday life easier. 
- Create intelligent and user-friendly objects.

The object lies at the core of our everyday actions, whether these actions result from necessity, habit or pleasure. It embodies the “usual” or “ordinary” part of everyday life as well as its affective, intimate and reassuring dimensions. It is the preferred focus of creative thinking.

Lightness is a “serious” issue, which, once handled properly, gives way to serenity, joy and happiness. Lightness means balance. The perfect balance that exists when there is an equilibrium between function and aesthetic. There is nothing to take away and nothing to add: the object is just right. Lightness means discretion, subtlety, delicacy, harmony, pertinence and attention to detail.

Categories: Objects For Travel and Home
Creations submitted must belong to the object families already present at Hermès or explore new categories that reflect the values of Hermès.

Judging Criteria
- Project quality
- Innovation and uniqueness
- Pertinence 
- Aesthetic
- Functionality & inventiveness 
- Relevance to the theme
- Understanding of Hermès values
- Sense of detail
- Clear and precise presentation

Pierre-Alexis Dumas et Pascale Mussard, Hermès Art Directors d’Hermès, will be on all selection committees and the final jury. The composition of the selection committees & jury will be revealed after the end of registration.

President of the final jury: Enzo Mari

President of the selection committees
- Ingo Maurer, Germany / Austria / Czech Republic
- Hella Jongerius, Benelux and Denmark / Sweden
- Martí Guíxe, Espagne / Portugal 
- Marc Berthier, France
- Ron Arad, Ireland / United Kingdom
- Massimo Morozzi, Italy
- Alfredo Häberli, Greece / Switzerland

Three prizes will be awarded by the final jury: 
- 1st prize 50.000 Euro 
- 2nd prize 25.000 Euro 
- 3rd prize 15.000 Euro

The contest is open to designers under 40 years of age, as of 31 January 2008, who fall into the following categories: 
- Have a degree from a design, architecture, plastic arts or applied arts school; 
- Do not have a degree, but can prove a minimum of three years’ experience in the world of design; 
- Students in their final year at a design, architecture, plastic arts or applied arts school.
Participants can compete alone or as a team (a maximum of five people per team, all from the same geographical zone).

The contest pertains to all countries in Europe where Hermès has a commercial base. These countries have been grouped into eight geographical zones: 
- Germany / Austria / Czech Republic 
- Benelux 
- Denmark / Sweden 
- Spain / Portugal 
- France / Greece 
- Ireland / United Kingdom 
- Italy 
- Switzerland

Participants must have residence in one of these geographical zones effective the day they send their submission packet.

15 September - 30 November 2007
Prix Émile Hermès registration

1 December 2007 - 31 January 2008 Submission packets sent to Hermès International, Prix Émile Hermès, 24, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris.

March 2008 First-round selection process according to geographical zone. Zone-specific selection committees will choose three projects based on submission packets (packets from the Denmark/Sweden zone will be considered by the Benelux committee).

April - May 2008 Candidates selected in the first round realize the prototypes of their project.

Mid-June 2008 Candidates selected in the first round send in the prototypes of their project.

Late June 2008 Final selection of the winners based on prototypes.

September 2008 Awards ceremony at the musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris and exhibition of the prototypes.
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