Museum of Louvain-la-Neuve Design Competition

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The Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) intends to build a new museum next to the lake of Louvain-la-Neuve. In order to choose the designer of the new building, which is intended to be exceptional, the University is organizing a strictly private architecture competition. This competition is thus not governed by rules of tender.

This competition will be run in two phases:
First, the University is calling for an initial outline design concept for the new building. This first phase is open to all architects.

Candidates have to return their application documents including:
- Their motivations,
- Their reference projects in public buildings or in museums if they have any,
- Their general ideas on the basis of the specificity and constraints of the site and the museum itself,
- A technical and financial description in order to show the feasibility of the project.

Then, the University will select a few projects (probably 3 to 5). Secondly, the University will provide the architects with more details about the museum and especially concerning town planning and the spatial and functional program.

With this additional information, architects will prepare, in partnership with the University, a more detailed outline design concept for the building. This outline will provide elevations, plans and cross-sections of the building in its context. A descriptive text shall also be included in order to be able to appreciate the project’s functional, esthetical, technical and financial qualities.

At the end of this second phase, the University will choose the award winner who is to become the designer of the project.

The first phase is not remunerated. Architects taking part in the second phase will receive a lump sum of 5.000 Euro incl. V.A.T. The award winner’s remuneration is fixed at 550.000 Euro incl. V.A.T. (5% of the budget for the building, 11.000 Euro, not including furniture and modification of the surrounding neighbourhood).

The University, in agreement with the architect in charge of the project, will appoint experts for structural engineering and special techniques. The University will pay the experts’ fees.


The rules are available in English and in French. But all the competition documents have to be written in French. Candidates must be able to speak enough French to carry out the second phase of the competition and, if necessary, to conduct the conception and building process of the new museum.


Calendar for the first phase: 
15 November 2007 Launch date for the competition. Conditions and Rules are posted on the University website
15 November - 12 December 2007 Submission of entries
12 December 2007 Deadline for entries
01 February 2008 Selection of 3 to 5 the architects taking part in the second phase of the competition

Calendar for the second phase:
15 February 2008 A detailed programme will be sent to the architects
15 May 2008 Deadline for the submission of the detailed outline
15 June 2008 Selection of the award winner.

Building work will take place from the beginning of 2009 until mid 2010. The inauguration of the museum is intended to take place at the beginning of the academic year 2010 - 2011 (September 2010).Yarışma Şartnamesi
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